My Boys Girl Speaks Out

by Angel Cohn March 30, 2009
The Jordana Spiro Interview

TWoP: There are so many TV girly girls, where when they have a boyfriend, they forget their friends. The show is all about her friends.
JS: Exactly, and how do you do that? How do you keep a relationship without alienating your friends is sort of the trick. And that's something we see a little bit.

TWoP: Any good guest stars coming on this season?
JS: Yeah. Let's see. Who do we have? We have a great guest director. Fred Savage is coming in next week to direct. So I'm really excited for that.

TWoP: Were you a big Wonder Years fan?
JS: Of course. It was terrible. I was such a big Wonder Years fan and had such a crush on him, that I think yesterday Kellee and I were doing something and we decided to place a bet on... The bet would be who makes the first Winnie reference to Fred Savage. 'Cause it's just like the tackiest thing you could possibly do. And I lost. And I'm really nervous now. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm terribly nervous. I've got to be the Clampett in front of Fred Savage. Wish me luck.

TWoP: I'm sure if you explain to him it was a bet he'll be down with it.
JS: See, that was sort of the rules of the bet. We can't let them know that it was because of a bet. So it just gets worse and worse. I'm just going to have my head in a bag next week. I know.

TWoP: Any chance of a Trouty (Johnny Galecki) reappearance?
JS: No. Trouty is busy at his own show right now. I know that he would like to, and I know that we would of course love to have him back, but Trouty got a little too busy for us. His show shoots the same time ours does, so he would just not be able to swing by.

TWoP: So in the episode I saw, it looks like Brandon is becoming responsible? Is this possible?
JS: He's trying to become responsible. One of my favorite lines this season. It's like 9:30 in the morning and he asks if Starbucks is open this early.

TWoP: That was the one I just watched.
JS: It's pretty funny, right? He's trying. He's struggling with it a little bit. He sort of felt that when he opened up a club he would get to sit back in the booth with a lot of pretty girls and drink free cognac. It's not exactly happening yet. He thought he'd be P. Diddy all of a sudden, and he's got a little more work cut out for him then.

TWoP: So do we get to see more of PJ at work, or is it mostly with her friends?

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