My Boys Girl Speaks Out

by Angel Cohn March 30, 2009
The Jordana Spiro Interview JS: We keep these nine pretty much conveniently more friends-centered and more a show about friends as opposed to an office sitcom, but she does get a promotion, so now she will become a columnist. Which is great for her, although I haven't seen it yet, 'cause that puts her at a... perhaps you can say a higher level of success than her boyfriend. I think that's always an interesting dynamic, 'cause it's becoming very common. There's egos involved in that, and it can be tricky to navigate. I don't know if we're going to go into that territory at all or explore that at all, but I'd be curious to see how that plays out.

TWoP: Is there a crazy Stephanie scheme this season?
JS: Oh my God. Stephanie goes out of control this season. Her chick-lit book becomes a chick-lit empire. She's doing seminars, and she's getting recognized. She's really funny. She does this one seminar, and she's teaching women how to break up with their boyfriends, and she needs a dumping dummy. So she needs a guy to come in and sit and pretend to be the guy that the women yell at for eight hours. So it ended up being Mike, Jaime Kaler's character, dumped on constantly. So that was a pretty funny episode. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

TWoP: Are you a big poker player, and are you good at it?
JS: No and no.

TWoP: You haven't learned any good skills on set?
JS: No. I wish I had, but I think we're more into foosball this season. We got a foosball table, and you'd think we'd never seen a video arcade before. 'Cause every time there's a new camera setup, the guys rush to it. They're talking about their stats in the middle of takes. It's out of control.

TWoP: Thanks you so much. Good luck with everything.
JS: Thank you for chatting with me!

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