The Kids in the Hall Interview

Do you ever find yourself slipping into an old character when you're trying to flesh out a new one? Is it difficult to find a new voice?
Bruce: I'm not good enough to have that kind of -- like, I don't even know what character I'm doing, ever, and how anybody is sounding, and why I move the way I do. I don't start my character in front of the mirror, if you know what I mean. So not so much for me. I think Scott--
Scott: I do.
Bruce: He cares for his characters more. I come from the writing first, he comes from the character first.
Scott: For example, Crim. At first I thought he was sounding too much like Brad, or one of my hoser characters, so I had to make him sound more native. And I didn't quite get it until the second week.
Bruce: The second week of shooting! A little late!
Scott: Well, Heather, I never knew what she was going to sound like until Dave [Foley] and I sat in the make-up chair. And Dave, he didn't know what Levon Blanchard was going to sound like until that moment. We do a lot of that kind of brinkmanship.
Bruce: What about me with Ricky, and his Michael Jackson voice?
Scott: When did you decide on that voice? Because when I was lying in radiation, I would sit there and go, "Y'know, this radiation is hurting, but I don't know what the hell Bruce is doing with Ricky. God, I hope he can pull it off." And I'll be honest, I did not expect that voice.

Does the makeup and the suit for a morbidly obese character like Ricky affect how you play him, and your enjoyment of the character?
Bruce: Well, it became everything. It was pretty hard to do. And, of course, we're not Eddie Murphy. We don't have the million-dollar suit guys. I mean, we had good people, but it was a guy with a rope and a guy wiping off your arm with a towel from the hotel... It was the Kids in the Hall suit. I didn't have my own cooled room like Eddie has.
Scott: You didn't have fans inside the suit.
Bruce: Yeah, and at the end, you see a big Ricky battle scene, and I was in that thing for 13 hours. The last few days, by the time I did it, I would just rip off the face at the end of the day and start crying. And, of course, we organized Scott's stuff so he could leave early, then Dave left, then Mark left and the last day was just me in this suit.

Bruce, who was your favorite character to play, if not Ricky?

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