The Kids in the Hall Interview Scott: Then sometimes back into the same woman... It was a nightmare.
Bruce: So we really AD'ed it from that point of view, but we also organized it storywise. Because it isn't even just that it's kind of shitty to do -- there's no comedy happening, or a different kind of comedy happening, because you're playing against yourself. You're not in anything with anybody.

Is that why, when Mark's newscaster character gets arrested, his cop character has been replaced by a female rookie?
Scott: I think I would have played that role, if I didn't have cancer.
Bruce: We would have let you audition for the role if you didn't have cancer.
Scott: I would never have let that actress walk away with that role. I thought she was great, but I only play three main characters. There's little smaller characters I would have played if I wasn't as sick. That one I would have fought for.
Bruce: But you'd fight for any scrap. Scott will fight for a line in a scene that doesn't work. Like, "The phone's for you, Charlie." He'll fight for anything.
Scott: I like to be on camera, and have fun.

Would you have fought Kevin McDonald for the role of Death's masseuse?
Scott: YES. And the grief counselor. I would have fought him for the grief counselor.

Aside from the number of roles you played, did your chemotherapy affect your time on the set?
Scott: I had to wrap before the others. I wrapped after seven weeks, they did nine weeks. And yeah, I was tired and sick sometimes, and I had other various health issues. But between "Action" and "Cut", I don't think I was ever affected. After they said "Cut," I would be in a chair relaxing or sleeping. You know, I was lucky, because I had six rounds of chemotherapy, and when it finished the doctor said it was going to get worse and worse. And it did. We did all the courtroom scenes at the beginning, and when I'm not shooting I'm sleeping. The North Bay Nugget, the local paper, put a picture of me between takes on the front page: "Kid in the Hall Exhausted From Shooting." No, exhausted from cancer treatment.

Now, there are only two classic Kids characters in Death Comes to Town, correct? The policemen?
Bruce: Yeah, but those guys aren't really characters. They don't have any names, they don't have anyone in their lives, they don't have any backstory... We call ourselves "Cop 1" and "Cop 2." We're changing lines constantly. It's a kind of comedy that Mark and I do. It's like when we did Brain Candy, we sort of threw it away, blew it up and did something different. As a writer, I needed them. What am I going to do, other bumbling cops?

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