The Kids in the Hall Interview

Brain Candy was a rough production for you guys, with the studio looking over your shoulder. Can you watch it now and enjoy it?
Bruce: Your question would imply that I've watched it in the last several years, and I have not. It was a rough experience that's been rehabilitated over time, which is a lot of our things. My wife says that whatever I touch turns to cult. When things aren't successful when you do them, they later end up being successful. It kind of lives in a weird place in the culture that's pretty good. Like. A lot of young hipsters come and tell me that it's their favorite thing.

Scott, tell me about the comic you're doing starring your old Kids character, straight-laced businessman Danny Husk.
Scott: It's conceived as a trilogy. The whole series is called Husk, and the first book is called The Hollow Planet. There'll be two more books with the adventures of Danny at the center of the Earth, as a slave. It's sort of like a comic take on Edgar Rice Burroughs, like Pellucidar or John Carter of Mars. But we're planning on doing a Buddy Cole series. And a Francesca Fiore and Bruno Puntz Jones series. [Shouting towards Dave Foley:] Bruno Puntz Jones! He's not listening.
Dave: What?
Scott: I was telling my publisher I wanted to do a Francesca Fiore and Bruno Puntz Jones comic book.
Dave: That's a good idea. I always thought Francesca and Bruno had the legs to be a film.
Scott: Of course! They're movie stars! [To interviewer:] Don't tell the others, they're insanely jealous of those two. Because they're glamorous. They didn't do any glamorous characters.

Bruce, is there any classic Kids character, yours or someone else's, that you'd like to revisit?
Bruce: No, I'm just a different writer than Scott. Like, I don't want to do the Flying Pig movie. I'm more into my next idea, and my characters are all-- not similar, but it's not like I go, "I wonder what pop star Tammy is doing right now..."
Scott: I know: she just quit crystal meth, but she relapsed.
Bruce: The Cathys, our secretary characters, it was fun to mark our age on tour. Ther'e a little more fudge on one Cathy, and more disappointment on one Cathy, and now they're too old to have babies. But that's a marked reflection of our lives in a different way.

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