The Mayim Bialik Q&A Bialik: Yes. Also, I'm sure it's illegal, but somebody has been posting all the episodes on YouTube. They have like a Blossom kind of fan site, which, part of me wishes I could get the residuals from that, but I can't. I guess there's some sort of interest, and there's interest for a lot of shows that were less popular and goonier than ours.

TWoP: Actually, we had a lot of people asking, "When is this coming out?"
Bialik: Oh, I got that question a lot. That's something a lot of people ask. But again, when our contracts were written there was no such thing as DVDs. Yeah, it's very different, but I'm glad that they finally did it, and I hope they release the next three seasons after the first two.

TWoP: Anything else coming up that we should look forward to?
Bialik: The only other thing [is that] I was just named the celebrity spokesperson, which I've never been one before, for the Holistic Mom's Network (, which is a really fantastic organization for people who are living holistically or interested in parenting holistically, and there's a wide range of people that participate. But I actually joined the organization when my first son was born, so yeah, its kind of exciting, they just got me involved with them on this level. It's really nice being a spokesperson for an organization that I actually belong to.

TWoP: Sounds like something that you believe in.
Bialik: Yeah, it's really not that hard. Whatever they want me to do, I'm happy to do it, because they're really a wonderful organization with no agenda except to give people the tools to make educated decisions and not be ashamed if they want to bedshare or wear their baby in a sling or whatever. So yeah, that's life.

TWoP: Sounds like a very full busy life.
Bialik: It is. Always.

Mayim's episode of Saving Grace, "Mooooooooo," debuts on TNT on Tuesday, July 14th at 10 PM/ET

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