The Merlin Premiere

by Zach Oat June 22, 2009
The Merlin Premiere

At the feast, Merlin sees Arthur play-fighting with his frat brothers, but Arthur freezes when he sees Morgana enter. She is verily a fox. The two begin to talk, and Gwen comes up to Merlin with a pitcher in her hand, because everybody's servants are working that night, apparently. She chats him up, and says she wouldn't want to be Morgana, because she doesn't like Arthur, preferring ordinary boys like Merlin. Merlin says he's not ordinary, because, aside from the obvious reasons, what a horrible thing to say about somebody. "Hey, you're ordinary, wanna date?" Gwen tries to cover things up by saying she meant she liked boys like Merlin, not Merlin himself, although she still called him ordinary, and she totally knows she's not making things any better, so she leaves.

Helen puts on an amulet and leaves her room, leaving the girl on the floor. King Giles shows up at the party and says it's his honor to introduce Lady Helen, who sings a beautiful song and moves her hand like she's training with Mr. Miyagi. She crosses the floor, still singing, and Merlin notices that everyone is falling asleep, and that cobwebs are forming on everything. He covers his ears and looks at the unconscious Arthur. Helen draws a knife and goes to stab the prince, but Merlin magically drops a chandelier on her. The court begins to wake up and pull away the cobwebs. Helen has turned back into Mary, and she pulls herself up and hurls a knife at Arthur. Merlin moves fast and pulls Arthur out of the path, and the knife destroys an antique chair. She then dies dramatically.

King Giles is impressed, and says he owes Merlin great thanks, So he makes Merlin Arthur's butler -- I mean, manservant. Arthur goes, "Dad!" He's not happy.

Gaius comes and congratulates him, and gives him a very fancy book that he used when he was a kid, and he thinks will come in handy. It's a book of magic, and Merlin says he'll study every word. Jut then, there's a knock at the door, and someone tells him Arthur has summoned him. He strides out the kitchen door, and into a world of working for a jerk of a boss. Good luck, dude.

By watching the beginning of the next episode, I find out that an assassin has bought an enchanted shield full of snakes (as seen in the credits, again), and that he and Arthur have both entered a sword-fighting tournament at Camelot. I can already tell that this show is going to be a kind of freak-of-the-week affair, where someone tries to kill Arthur or Uthur every episode, and that's fine. But I also know that this episode won't be as awesome as A Knight's Tale. Then again, what is?

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