Showalter Explains It All

by admin January 17, 2008
The Michael Showalter Interview

Michael Showalter has written, directed, and starred in such venerable comedy classics as the sketch comedyThe State, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, and The Baxter. He's also appeared in Reno 911! Miami, Cheap Seats without Ron Parker, Law & Order, and M. Night Shyamalan's Signs. He has a show on and a band, and does stand-up all around the country. He's a really busy guy. A really busy guy who agreed to sit down and talk with Lulu Bates, and instead of twenty minutes, he spent an hour and a half. So thank him by heading to iTunes and buying his new comedy album, "Sandwiches & Cats."

Lulu Bates: On your new CD Sandwiches & Cats your discussion of the finer points of DVR was interrupted. So as a huge DVR fan I was curious about what you have on your DVR right now?

Michael Showalter: Well...Project Runway, I've been taping a lot of the CNN presidential campaign coverage.

LB: That makes me too anxious. I can't watch it.

MS: I love it. I love it. I watch it nonstop. I've also been taping Dominick Dunne Power Privilege and Justice. I tape The Investigators. Those are both Court TV shows. Or Tru TV. I'll be taping Lost, when it starts. I'm going to be taping that new show Make Me a Supermodel.

LB: That started already, didn't it?

MS: Yeah, and I taped it. "Meet the Models." The first episode was just called "Meet the Models."

LB: Are you rooting for anyone?

MS: It's too early to choose. They all seem kind of... It doesn't seem like a great show, but I'll watch it.

LB: Who are you rooting for on Project Runway?

MS: I don't have a favorite yet. What about you?

LB: I like the guy who looks like he's played by Chris Kattan. What's his name? Christian?

MS: Who?

LB: The small guy.

MS: Oh, the really small girl guy?

LB: Um, yeah.

MS: Yeah, he's appealing.

LB: He's appealing as a stereotype. I kind of love him.

MS: Ha, yeah.

LB: Were there any new shows that you were excited about?

MS: No. I'm not a watcher of non-non-fiction shows.

LB: So you prefer reality?

MS: Yeah, yeah.

LB: Would you ever be on a reality show?

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