Going Back to Cali

by admin April 13, 2009
The Ryan Hansen Interview

Ryan Hansen, best known to Veronica Mars fans as Dick Casablancas, is a busy guy now. Not only is he reunited with Mars boss Rob Thomas for the new series Party Down (where Hansen stars as a sweet but dimwitted aspiring actor), he's also paired up with other uber-producer Josh Schwartz for his web series Rockville CA (about a nightclub with hip bands). Not to mention this little thing called ... well... we're not sure what they are calling it, but it is Schwartz's potential Gossip Girl spinoff prequel that is getting a lot of buzz. We spoke with the laid-back Hansen about his multitude of current projects and his big secret for getting producers to keep hiring him.

TWoP: Hi. Ryan, thanks for fitting us in to your busy schedule!
RH: Right now I'm very busy. It's been really fun. And really awesome to be able to work so it's great.

TWoP: So we're fans and really excited that you're everywhere now.
RH: Well, not really, but thanks.

TWoP: So how is it working on web series Rockville CA? How is that format compared to working on longer series?
RH: It was really cool. We shot for about a month at the Echoplex and now we're done. So that was really cool. We had a lot of live bands and stuff and we had the freedom. With the WB, we felt like we had a lot of freedom to create what we wanted, which was really cool. We didn't have network ratings breathing down our backs. And working with Josh [Schwartz]... and Norman Buckley directed it. He's directed a bunch of crap so he was great. Everyone was really cool and it felt good to kind of create this new type of show that could maybe be something big someday.

TWoP: It's fun. I'd love to see it as a full-length series. Is that a possibility at all do you think?
RH: I think they were talking about maybe doing some more on the web. I don't know if they'd make them longer. I don't know. I guess it's always a possibility right?

TWoP: It would be fun to get a little bit more. We only get five-minute segments each week.
RH: I know.

TWoP: And there are twenty installments all together?
RH: Yeah.

TWoP: Are any more of the episodes spotlighted on your character Chambers?
RH: Yes, there's a few. There's I think the finale, there's a fantasy sequence so we all get to do some pretty weird stuff. It's pretty fun. That's pretty cool. But if you don't watch them, then watch them all at the same time it feels like a lot of them, right?

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