Going Back to Cali

by Angel Cohn April 13, 2009
The Ryan Hansen Interview

TWoP: Yes. I watched the first six, now I have to wait 'til Tuesdays for new ones.
RH: I know. That is a bummer. Yeah, just watch them all at once I guess.

TWoP: That's sage advice there. Your character is Chambers, who is a rich wannabe guy who everyone refers to as The Douche. What's it like playing a character named The Douche?
RH: The Douche. Yeah... I went from Dick to Douche so...

TWoP: Where can you go after this?
RH: Dick. Douche... Dildo? I don't know. Hopefully I will get to do a little something different next time. But it's fun playing an asshole. I don't think that way in real life, so it is nice to be able to be a jerk once in a while... for pretend. So it's really fun.

TWoP: Will we ever get to see you performing on stage at all on this show in Chambers' band?
RH: Not in this one. Hopefully if we do it again. Hopefully the Pretty Committee will rock on.

TWoP: How were the bands? Were you into any of them before they came on the show?
RH: Yeah totally. I was pretty big into the Kooks and Eagles of Death Metal and even Lykke. That girl Lykke Li? She's awesome. And Duke Spirit. It's so fun to talk to them before and you get to watch live performances. That's like the coolest part of the show for me. The White Lies. We've seen them live since then a bunch too. We followed them around a little bit. We saw them at South by Southwest and all that stuff. Anya Marina. It is the coolest to see them live and hang out with them and stuff.

TWoP: I think it's great cause there's not a lot of places for smaller artists like these to get noticed.
RH: Yeah totally. It's a pretty cool platform. Especially 'cause MTV doesn't really play any music videos anymore.

TWoP: They've forgotten what those are. There are reality shows to be had.
RH: Exactly. It's cool, yeah. They get to show their stuff and they get to be intermixed with a cool storyline. It's fun. Josh is so good at making them look cool and all of that stuff.

TWoP: Have you suggested any people that you wanted to see on the show?
RH: I suggested Britney Spears but they shoot me down every time.

TWoP: That would be interesting.
RH: It would look great for Britney. Give her some street cred. You know?

TWoP: Yeah. I don't understand why they haven't gotten into that. So you're also working on Party Down which we've seen the first few of now. What more can we look forward to in the upcoming episodes from Kyle?

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