Going Back to Cali

by Angel Cohn April 13, 2009
The Ryan Hansen Interview RH: You know as a cast we saw the first three or four episodes. We seem to make it better and get into our groove with a lot of improv. I think we start getting a little bit more free. It's pretty good. I think it gets a little wilder.

TWoP: It's such a crazy cast. It seems like a fun place to work.
RH: Yeah. It's the coolest cast. I feel like I'm learning so much from such a talented cast and the writers and the directors. I just feel so honored to be a part of it. It's so, so cool and we just have so much fun. We basically just try to make each other laugh. That's what really... I think you can see that on the show. It's a weird show so...

TWoP: It's weird good.
RH: A good weird. For sure.

TWoP: Will the rivalry between Kyle/Roman continue? I like the pranking that's been going on.
RH: There's plenty of bickering and slapping and hitting and yelling going on between them and that will continue. And I have the bruises to prove it.

TWoP:The bruises to prove it? Hmm. Interesting.
RH: All the time.

TWoP: As long as you don't end up with a shaved head for a fake role.
RH: [Laughs]

TWoP: We were talking about how you seem to play these sort of jerky characters. But obviously you must be a nice guy 'cause everybody seems to want to work with you again, from Rob Thomas to Josh Schwartz. Do you have dirt on them or something?
RH: I give a wicked lap dance and so I think they both really obviously need more.

TWoP: Fair enough. They keep hiring you for things so there has got to be something there.
RH: I honestly just feel so lucky to work with both of those guys so many times. It's the coolest group of people to work with. I'm so lucky. I don't know why.

TWoP: Well whatever you're doing keep doing it I guess. It seems to work.
RH: Fair enough.

TWoP: So you're also working on Lily. Are you going to be a regular on that or is that just a guest?
RH: They're not even calling it Lily.

TWoP: Whatever they're calling it.
RH: Untitled whatever it is.

TWoP: The Gossip Girl Thingee.
RH: Yeah. The Gossip Girl Prequel Spinoff Back Door Pilot.

TWoP: Right. That.
RH: I don't know if we've figured it out. I'm not hired as a regular. So I'm recurring as of now.

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