The Timothy Hutton Interview

So where is Nate's relationship with Sophie at this point?
His relationship with Sophie of course went through a lot in the first season. They couldn't quite get it together and figure it out, and then just when they perhaps might have, an important thing happened to Nate in his ex-wife showing up. It was a necessary thing for him to be able to talk to her about things that have happened with their son and the insurance company that he worked for, things she wasn't aware of. But it kind of took a hit on the relationship between him and Sophie, but it was something they needed to go through. And this year -- you've seen the first episode?

So you know what Sophie springs on Nate. That's one of the things that Nate has to deal with and realizes, "Of course something like that could happen." So that's how we set up the second season. Sophie's moved on. She's still part of the team, she wants everyone to work together and do what they do, but personally, she appears to have moved on.

Any interesting guest stars this season?
Yeah, we're doing a show right now where we have Griffin Dunne and Wil Wheaton. We're doing an interesting show that has to do with a kind of shadow crew, if you will. Whatever it is that each of us, the Leverage team are good at, it appears we have counterparts that are tracking us and getting a little bit too close. There's a Nate, there's a Hardison, there's an Elliot, there's a Parker and there's a Sophie. So that's what we're doing right now. And Griffin Dunne and Wil Wheaton are part of the sot of parallel team.

That's so funny, because I love how the Leverage team is like the Justice League, a team of superheroes each with their own skill. It sounds like these guys are the crew's own Legion of Doom.
Absolutely. I pitched to the writers the idea of doing an episode somewhere down the line, where each of them, in sort of a fantasy sequence, even, become superheroes. And they would have their own specific name, and it would be a fantasy sequence almost, with the five of them.

I would buy the heck out of that comic book.

One of the funniest parts of every episode is when the characters flash back to previous jobs. Are there any good ones this season?
The use of the flashback to show previous jobs or some fun biographical details for the character -- that's definitely in the shooting scripts, and they're always fun to go back to. You know, one of the characters says, "Have you ever been locked underground?" and Parker says, "Yeah, that happened to me once," and it turns out that, for fun, she used to like to get buried alive. So she kind of misses the question, but has an answer and her own version of being locked underground, when actually, Elliott meant the basement or something. So there are things like that, you flash back and you see that happening.

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