The Wil Wheaton Interview

What did you think of the new Star Trek movie?
I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I was as skeptical as anybody else. As I've said many times, we live in a post-Phantom Menace world, and I don't think we can take anything at face value anymore. And I was very cautious going into it, and I was blown away. I had so much fun in that movie, and I thought it was great. Reaching back to what [director] J.J. Abrams had said about him being a Star Wars fan -- and at the time, we were all looking for any reason to be upset about this movie being made -- a lot of us were like, "See, he's a Star Wars fan! He doesn't even care about Star Trek! Blah blah wah we're nerds!" Then, when the movie came out, it was clear that this respected canon and didn't do to Star Trek fans what George Lucas did to Star Wars fans, you know, with the special editions of Star Wars and the prequels. George Lucas was kind of saying, "Hey, you know this thing that you love, that's such it's a huge part of your life? Well, I don't like it and you're stupid for liking it, and I'm taking it all away, ha-ha. They're my toys, you can't play with them" When I saw Star Trek, it was more like J.J. Abrams said, "Listen, this thing that you love? I get it, man -- you love it, and it still exists, and I'm not messing with it. This is my take on it, so if you want to come with me and see what I do with it, welcome aboard, and if you don't, that's totally cool, it's not a big deal." And I wondered if maybe that was born from being a Star Wars fan and leaving The Phantom Menace feeling the way we all did when we left The Phantom Menace.

Do you hope that one day, in this new Star Trek universe, J.J. Abrams' version of Wesley Crusher is born, or do you want this to be a Wesley-free reality?
I don't really have a strong opinion about that one way or another.

What can you tell us about your appearance in The Guild Season 3?
I am sworn to a Cosa Nostra-style omerta on The Guild. I keep trying to get permission to talk about it a little more, but they're really committed to not giving anything away.

Can you at least say if it'll be more than one episode?
It's more than one-episode appearance, yeah. I think that's safe to say. I think that they've already said I play the leader of the rival guild.

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