The Wil Wheaton Interview

The Axis of Anarchy?
Yeah. It's pretty funny. I'm really excited for it. As I've written on my blog, I am one of the few people in the world who is not surprised at how well The Guild is being received, and how much everyone enjoys the people who are a part of it. And it's really exciting for me looking forward to the third season, just because I know that people are gonna be really, really excited about it, and I know it's gonna be a lot of fun for people to watch.

You mentioned that you geeked out when you saw Joss Whedon in the front row of the Guild panel at Comic-Con. What'd you think of Dollhouse Season 1?
I wish that they had aired it in the order Joss had originally wanted, and I think it took a long time to find itself. I struggled with it for the first few episodes, because it felt to me like there was this great thing that Joss wanted to do, and this great story that Joss wanted to tell that was going to take a long time to tell and was really interesting, and I could see the hand of the network executives who were unwilling to take that risk, pushing the show in directions that made it a little bit of a struggle. I felt the show kind of blew the hatch around whatever the episode was with Patton Oswalt, where you finally got to really see what the Dollhouse was about and where it was going. And I have not seen that unaired 13th episode that Felicia [Day] is in, but I keep hearing that it's super-dark and super-awesome and opens up this potential for the second season to be tremendous.

Speaking of "blowing the hatch," have you started watching Lost again, after burning out in Season 3?
My friend Andrew just looooooves Lost. You know that episode of The Simpsons where they're at Kamp Krusty, and the world is falling apart around them, and Bart is going, "Krusty will be here. Krusty will be here"? Andrew is like that with Lost through Season 4 and 5, and I was like, "Yeah, that's great. How about that four-toed statue? How's that working out for you?" ...I was really a jerk about it. So he finally said, "Just give it a try." So I did. I told the DVR to grab it, and I watched about three episodes from last season and found it to be really interesting. It didn't feel as much like they were making it up as they were going along, which is why I stopped watching. And I was like, "Yay, I'm watching Lost agai-- oh, the season's over." So I'm waiting until next year. I'll probably watch it again next year.

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