The Warren the Ape Interview

Why do you still wear the football helmet?
You know, fair question. Look, to be honest, there's more reasons to wear it than not these days. I mean, look. I'm a puppet, we're made of generally soft material, I'm only three feet tall... In some cases, especially out in public, it can just be a safety issue. But if anything, these days it helps me stand out at auditions. It's become iconic for me over the years, and for good or ill it's one of the few things that keeps people from mistaking me for an ewok or Ralph the Dog. I guess I also like a little mystery. People wondering why it's there? That's exactly why it's there.

Warren the Ape premieres Monday, June 14, at 10:30 PM EST on MTV. And check out our guide to the other new shows that are debuting this summer.

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