Lie to Me Premiere

by admin January 22, 2009
Winter Pilot Season: Lie to Me

A suit asks how to tell if a perp is surprised, or just acting surprised. Cal hurls a mug at the wall near some of the suits, perhaps trying to surprise their eyeballs with shards of porcelain, and points out that they were only surprised for a second. If someone is surprised for more than a second, he says, they're faking it. (But what if they're really, really surprised? Still no?) Then he shows what the skinhead did when he mentioned the right town. He kinda bared his teeth a little bit, and Cal says that that's concealed scorn. The crowd mutters and murmurs at that, as if it's scandalous that a white supremacist would display scorn to anybody. Cal helpfully points out that, "if you see this microexpression in your spouse's face, your marriage is coming to an end." Also, if your spouse is a Nazi firebomber. He then says, "Trust me," and everyone laughs at his failed marriage. Someone asks if these expressions vary from person to person, and Roth shows them footage of Kato Kaelin at the O.J. Simpson trial, where he makes the same face. He compares it to the skinhead -- "Scorn! Scorn!" -- then throws up a third picture of Dick Cheney doing it: "Huge scorn!" All of the government employees laugh at their until-recently boss. Pics of Hugh Grant, Marilyn Monroe and Bill Clinton touching their foreheads all represent shame. Pictures of George W. Bush and Simon Cowell smirking represent contempt. Then we see pics of Heidi Fleiss and Tonya Harding weeping, Mr. Rogers and Nelson Mandela grinning, and Robert Blake and Phil Spector looking scared in court. There's a whole grid of celebrities now, and Cal says the tagline "The truth is written on all our faces."

We get some shots of scenic Washington D.C., then the grid of faces again, except these say "The Lightman Group" over them, and Cal walks in front of them. He's arriving at his office, where he's accosted by Dr. Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams) with a personnel file. She thinks this might be the person they finally hire. Cal isn't sure they need anybody, despite the fact that his huge hallways seem kind of empty, but Foster says that they've been asked to train the Uzbekistanian police. Cal tells them to call back when they have a constitution -- a real one. Oh, snap, Uzbekistan! Cal Lightman doesn't care for your method of government! They then run into the curly-haired Loker, who hands over some data and confirms that he just arrived late, then goes on to say that it's because he drank too much the night before and gives TMI about that morning's Nancy Grace fantasies. Cal stares at him for a beat, then walks away. Maybe it's time to hire somebody new after all. In fact, is it too late to recast that dude?

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