Lie to Me Premiere

by admin January 22, 2009
Winter Pilot Season: Lie to Me

At the high school, the thirtysomething principal leads Cal and Foster to interview some students who knew James, and drops the bomb that James' father didn't like Susan's teaching style, specifically the pornographic reading material (The Color Purple). The kids are useless, basically saying that he was antisocial. One jock even tries to incriminate him by lying about threatening talk he supposedly heard. One girl, Jaclyn, says she doesn't think he could have done it, and seems kinda breathy, but when Cal asks her if she's feeling emotional, she denies it. He writes her name down anyway. That oughta make her emotional!

In a scene that seems to be all about proving what a dick Cal can be, Cal is about to parallel park in a space he's been waiting for when a yellow sports car noses in and cuts him off. After letting Foster out, Cal backs up alongside the car and asks the driver if he saw him waiting for the space. When the driver lies no, Cal calls him on it; when the driver asserts that he's not moving, Cal leaves his car where it is, boxing the sports car in and trapping the driver in his seat. (We don't see what happens later, when Cal comes back to find his car towed.)

Not sure where they were parking, since the next scene is Cal and Foster at the airport, getting into the line at security with a couple of plane tickets. Cal leans out of line and stares towards the gates as Foster explains they have two days to solve the Cole case, and a second later there's a young, Hispanic woman from airport security there. She asks Cal to step out of line, and when she asks him to open his briefcase, he starts to leave, saying he's going to check it, but she stops him and makes him open it there. It's full of bundled money. The guard smiles and asks him to come with her, but then Foster tells her to come with them. See how she did that? Turns out the guard, Ria Torres, is a "natural," one of very few people who can read people's microexpressions with no training -- she saw Cal's fear expression when he flashed it in line, but only knew that he was "jacked up" about something.

Torres asks why they tried to "play her," and Foster drops some knowledge on her, revealing that Cal set up the Deception Detection Program at the Defense Department (say that five times fast) before leaving six years ago to start a private consulting firm. They work with all law enforcement agencies, which should allow the show's writers a great deal of flexibility when coming up with cases, and they want Torres to come work for them. Torres seems confused by all this, so I'm not sure if she applied for this job or what. Regardless, Foster has already arranged for her departure from airport security, which seems premature. But considering that Torres gets to keep the briefcase full of money, maybe she'd be better off as a consultant.

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