Lie to Me Premiere

by Zach Oat January 22, 2009
Winter Pilot Season: Lie to Me

The next day, as Foster and Torres discuss the case, the story about Weil breaks on the news, with reporters hounding him at his office on TV. But the look on his face as he's questioned indicated that he's disgusted, not by the questioning, but by the question, as if he would never consider sleeping with the escort. So why has he given her $86,000? Loker has no idea, and frankly, I'm not surprised. The guy has indicated very little real mental acuity so far.

Foster shows Cal some photos of Susan that James shot only hours before she died, in which she's arguing with someone in a car in the school parking lot. They take the photos to Principal Castle for identification, but he freezes up when he sees the car in the photo. Cal asks if that's his car, and then whether he had a sexual relationship with Susan McCartney, and the principal denies both. Cal shakes the man's hand and apologizes profusely, but the handshake goes on way too long. After he leaves, we find out Cal was gauging the principal's temperature. When someone panics, the blood rushes to their legs, causing their hands to get cold. The principal had colder hands after he saw the photo. J'accuse!

Back at HQ, Loker says the car isn't the principal's or his wife's, but Castle clearly knows whose car it is. Torres comes in with a possible explanation as to why Congressman Weil spent so much money on Melissa. Foster takes one look and heads for the door. She and Torres catch up with Weil at the conclusion of some sort of committee meeting, and he asks if they're there to rake more muck. They tell him that they know Melissa is his daughter; they have the paperwork he filed to let himself be tracked down by his adopted children. Weil tells the sad story of a college romance gone wrong, and the child he never stopped thinking of. He hired a private investigator to track Melissa down, and started helping her out financially without telling her who he was. He doesn't want to tell her, either -- he's close to telling her himself, and he knows that finding out this way would devastate her and drag her into a scandal. He asks Foster and Torres to keep it on the DL.

At Lightman HQ, Loker calls everyone to tell them that the car in the photo belongs to Jaclyn, the pregnant girl. They're bringing her in for questioning at the local precinct. Cal sits down with her and tries to convince her to tell the truth, or an innocent boy will go to prison for the rest of his life. She refuses to admit she knows anything, despite all evidence to the contrary, and then Foster walks in with a note for Cal. Cal tells Jaclyn it doesn't matter any more; James has hung himself in his cell. This seems to be enough to get the waterworks going on Jaclyn, who says she didn't want that to happen. Cal starts asking all the right questions, like how did Principal Castle recognize her car in the photo? He gets her to admit that the two of them were having a relationship. And that the baby is his. And that Susan McCartney apparently saw them together, and was going to report Castle to the authorities. And that Jaclyn told Castle this. And that Castle said he was going to "talk" to her. And that Jaclyn is the stupidest girl on the planet.

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