Lie to Me Premiere

by Zach Oat January 22, 2009
Winter Pilot Season: Lie to Me

As music swells, the cops converge on the school, and the principal is led away in handcuffs. We see the Coles weeping in the prison office, and then we see James walk out and hug both of them. Clever ruse! Clever ruse! Back at HQ, Foster says Castle confessed and got 30 years. Then she asks Cal for the note she brought him, for her files. He hands it over, and she unfolds it. It reads: "Bring this to me in 5 minutes and look grim." She says he could have just told her his plan, but he says she's a terrible liar, which is something the DNC chairman also said earlier on about her. Does saying it twice make it a character trait? Speaking of the chairman, Torres says he's on the phone, and asks what they should tell him. Cal says "nothing." Torres asks if they're just going to let Weil throw away his career, and Cal says "yeah." Torres asks what she should believe about Cal, given that he lies to his partner and to his clients, and Cal says. "Believe whatever you want. That's what everyone else does." Then he quickly turns and walks down the hall, like the dismissal bell just rang, and now that he's delivered a pithy closing line, he's allowed to go.

Walking down the steps outside, he walks by three liars. One man tells his wife he loves spending time with her parents, one woman tells her cell phone that she felt bad that someone got fired, and one man tells a woman that he's going to leave his wife for her. As that last guy kisses his mistress and walks away, Cal pauses. Then he turns and walks back to the woman, putting a hand on her shoulder and saying "Excuse me..."

You go, Tim Roth! Bust that cheating douchebag's ass! You're better than that guy on the news who goes around to shady businesses and tells them to clean up their acts! Oh, and good luck with this new show! I'm worried you're going to need it.

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