Superstars of Dance Premiere

by Angel Cohn January 5, 2009
Winter Pilot Season: Superstars of Dance

Flatley talks about himself and his love of Russia, then introduces the duo from Russia who will be doing ballroom. Holy crap. It's Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis from SYTYCD. I scream giddily and my husband comes out of the other room to glare. I think he thought we were over my SYTYCD enthusiasm until the summer. Oh well, it's Pasha! That deserves some squealing. I don't know what kind of ballroom this was, but it looks like some kind of Latin amalgam, and the music was all kinds of freaky, but damn. These two are steamy together. The hot tamale train has left the station! I'm not keeping track of the time with a stop watch, but it seems like the duo and the group dancers get a significant amount more time than the solo dancers, which I'm not entirely sure is fair. They don't talk to the Russian coach, but he's sitting with his team and Susie in what the figure skating world refers to as the kiss and cry area. But since these are all supposed to be professionals at the top of their game, and this isn't really a competition that means anything, I'm guessing there's not going to be a whole lot of tears. The Russian judge makes a joke about the KGB, which is funnier than anything Michael Flatley has had to say all night, but I can already hear Mindy in my head giving me her lecture about people using the term KGB still for us dumb Americans. The score a 64.

Oh, Bollywood duet! It's these two stunning looking girls, Nishi Munshi and Sangita Sanyal who will be doing a routine about two girls in love with the same guy. They are using pictures of their coach to illustrate their point. I love these girls before they even start their dance. I enjoy watching Bollywood dances and this one is bouncy and full of life and tells a story, but it's nothing especially memorable. Coach Nakul Dev Mahajan was all nervous and talks about how hard dancing in a Bollywood movie is. Susie asks stupid questions. Good lord. The South Africa judge isn't impressed and gives them a six. Which actually makes Michael Flatley stop and ask a question about why, to which he explains that it was because they just weren't strong enough for this competition. They earn a 51.

After the break we're introduced to Sean Robinson from Team Australia. He's pretty easy on the eyes and was in Tap Dogs. Bonus points from me. He uses dance as therapy when he's sad. Aw. But then he comes out wearing a hideous costume. It's got a black tank top that has some sort of image on it (hard to tell because it's got these weird criss-crosses over it and it says Faith, which would be fine. But then he's got on what appears to be Bermuda shorts that are black, but have a huge red flower or bird or something on them, and they are sparkly, with white socks and black and white tap shoes. Bonus points detracted. His dancing is impressive, but I have to watch it a second time because the wardrobe department needs to stage an intervention. I was liking the Australian judge, but then they reveal that she choreographed the animated film Happy Feet, which I hated. Now she's back to nameless girl in my opinion. Sean gets mostly 8s. I think he lost points for his clothes. He gets a 57.

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