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Not All Fat People Are Jolly

At the dinner table, Kristian is bragging about her peck on the cheek while Malissa smiles and thinks about how she is totally winning this game right now. Luke swings by to say that the date is over, and I guess we're just not to going to find out what any of the other girls thought about the date. Did they lose the tapes with the other interviews or something? Why is it all about Heather, Kristian, and Malissa?

The next day, there's another note from Luke. Do all notes from Luke come with a giant ugly prop ring? Anyway, it's time for Christina's solo date. Christina interviews that Luke is one guy who won't judge her because of her weight and she's looking forward to showing him who she really is. Which is apparently not very likable. "This is a huge, huge night," she says. Heh heh, "huge." "Thanks for picking me last!" she says to the rest of the girls in a teasing tone. Ugh. I don't like her. Melissa cries ridiculously about how jealous she is that Christina gets an alone date with Luke and she's never had a date in her life. Christina gets dressed and walks out to the pool for all the jealous girls to see her. Lauren is very catty, saying that Christina should be nervous that she doesn't blow her big opportunity. Christina says Luke will want to keep her as soon as he sees her. "That's what those five girls that went home said," Lauren spits back. Ha! Christina deflates. Mandy says that Lauren is obviously not here to make friends. Hold up -- Mandy is a fitness trainer? How does that work?

Christina walks outside to find Luke waiting for her. He checks her out and says she looks beautiful. Luke interviews that he's into Christina's voluptuous curves and sexy aura. The limo pulls up to a private jet, which, unlike the yacht, will actually go somewhere tonight. Christina says she's never had a date like this because she's a "bigger girl." Yeah, I'm not fat but I've never had a private jet date, either. I think it's because the men I date aren't currently appearing on reality shows. "In case of an emergency you can always use me as a floatation device," Luke says. What a cheeseball. But Christina falls for it.

Back at the house, Kristian keeps talking about how much she likes Luke and how she might be more into Luke than anyone else in the house. Arianne finds her annoying.

Okay then! Luke and Christina land in Vegas and hit the town. They sit down at a restaurant and talk. Christina says ONCE AGAIN that Luke likes her for her and can see past her size. Jesus Christ, do these people say anything else? How can they expect men to look past their sizes when they themselves can't do it? Christina's been cheated on in the past and thinks that's a smart thing to talk about on her first date. She doesn't think Luke would cheat on her because of her weight. Didn't I just see this conversation with Heather? Except it was more suspenseful because she could barf at any minute.

Back at the house, Lauren continues to hate Christina. Bonnie eats what appears to be pizza and interviews that she thinks of Christina as the smelly kid in class you always get stuck next to. Huh? Bonnie is nowhere near Christina. What is she talking about?

Christina and Luke head for the suite for more making out. Then it's time to go. Luke interviews that he's not sure if he can connect with Christina "on a deeper level." Kissing can only get you so far when your personality sucks.

Another day, another note/ring prop from Luke! It's time for Team Anna's date, and it will involve them wearing swimsuits, which they are not thrilled about for obvious reasons. Lauren interviews that the idea of going on a first date in a swimsuit is mortifying, which is exactly why it was chosen. You're part of a freak show, Lauren. Learn it, live it, love it. Melissa starts to cry because she's so nervous about being in a swimsuit. Or maybe she's crying because she was startled by a strong gust of wind. It doesn't take much to set her off. The girls get in the limo and drive to another mansion with a pool. Luke is waiting for them and starts the day off with drinks, of course. In his casual interview clothes, he says it was important to him that the girls all felt comfortable around him. Melissa is still nervous about the whole thing, and Anna is kind enough to comfort her because she isn't evil like Lauren or Malissa. And therefore, she is boring and useless to me. It's soon time for the bathing suits to come out, and Luke interviews that he thinks big women are beautiful so they have nothing to be ashamed of. He takes his T-shirt off to reveal his own flaws and jumps in. Melissa interviews that she started to feel a bit more comfortable in her own skin.

Back at the house, Kristian wants to break into Luke's house and leave him a note. Bonnie encourages her all the way, saying nothing would work better for her than for Kristian to leave Luke a "creepy I-was-in-your-house note." "Please, it'll add to your intensity," Bonnie says. Okay, Bonnie is officially my favorite. Kristian doesn't get sarcasm, so she starts writing the note. Mandy writes one, too. They leave the notes on his door but only Kristian signed her name.

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