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Make-up time! The girls continue to be very excited. They talk about their real prom experiences. One girl had to "bribe" a guy friend to go with her because no one asked. Kristian didn't have a date and had to use her friend's date for her pictures. She then fell in love with her friend's date and knew they were perfect for each other and meant to be together always. And the restraining order remains in place to this day. Kristian says it was sad watching girls dancing with their dates and she wished she was up there with them. Um, then walk up and invite a guy to dance, Kristian. I didn't dance with just my prom date for the entire night, nor did I want to. Anyway, are we done with Kristian yet? This isn't called The Kristian Show, so I'd like to get to know some of the other girls. Or at least know their names.

The girls get dressed as Lauren interviews that while she had a boyfriend during prom time, it never occurred to him to ask her to go and she never asked him to ask her. "probably because of [her] weight." It's not your weight's fault that you were dating an asshole and didn't have the nerve to speak up. Stop blaming it for all of your problems. Heather says she feels more comfortable in her own skin with Luke than she ever has before. Well, don't throw up about it! She thinks that just because Luke is fat, he'll automatically like them in spite of their weight problems. Again, has she never seen The Biggest Loser? Because that show is full of huge men dating or married to tiny, beautiful women. Fat men are just as shallow as thin ones. The girls walk downstairs in their dresses and Luke claims to be blown away by their beauty. Melissa cries in yet another interview as she says that she's dreamt of this moment her entire life. What a crappy moment to want.

After the break, Luke and the girls are in the limo. Luke interviews that this is an important night for some of the girls because their fatness made it impossible for them to experience their high school proms. Can't they just date to date and not to repair self-esteems? Shouldn't Luke be a potential boyfriend and not a therapist? I don't know about you, but I don't want my Prince Charming to feel sorry for me. The group enters the club and drinks and dances while a band full of skinny people play. Anna says she loves Luke's eagerness to dance. "Well, you know," he says. "No, I don't know," Anna says. I like her. Luke lamely says "well you know now, if you still don't know you'd better ask somebody." It doesn't even make sense. When Luke isn't talking about how he's attracted to big women and how he wants to make up for fat people's bad pasts, he is a terrible conversationalist. Kristian says she had a blast and it brought back memories of her real prom, except this time she had a date. That she had to share with eleven other girls. So it's actually worse. Kristian gives Luke her prom sob story and interviews about how much she loves Luke yet again. Then he kisses her briefly twice on the lips. Kristian says "it felt right."

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