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Luke dances with Melissa, who says she's never danced before. Well, maybe you should start. It could be a great way to get fit and shed some pounds and learn a fun new skill. Oh, but there I go again offering people solutions when all they want to do is wallow in their problems. Luke teaches Melissa how to dance, which is like the incredibly blind leading someone who's never seen before. Melissa rests her head on Luke's shoulder and says "this is so prom." What does that even mean??? Luke gives Melissa a very quick kiss on the lips.

Emme steps up to the mic and says it's time to give Luke a surprise of his own: his friends are here! Luke looks so much happier to see his friends than he ever does to see these women. He hugs them and introduces the girls to Chase and Sam, both of whom had better watch the hell out for Kristian because she's already fallen in love with them. Luke says his friends will help him figure out "who [he] will look good with." But Emme's not done yet -- she says Chase and Sam will choose a prom queen for Luke. She'll get an individual date with him. So, basically, this is just like the real prom was for all the girls who don't win tonight: rejection. Chase goes around talking to the girls and getting to know them. Where are you from, Tali? "Israel." "Israel. Awesome." So Chase is dull, but that other friend, Sam? He is pretty hot. Those girls should drop Luke and go after Sam. Chase meets Bonnie, who says she actually calls herself "Bonnily." Why? Go stuff a turkey, Bonnie. Chase asks Danielle where she's from, and she says "everywhere" before launching into her life story. Ugh. Cross her off the list. Heather complains that with Danielle talking non-stop, she didn't get a chance to meet Luke's friends. Well, then, step up and make yourself heard, Heather. There are other ways to get attention besides throwing up. "I wanted to like interject and be like, 'hey, you know, I'm Heather.'" What a conversationalist! It's safe to say everyone missed out that night she was sick. Meanwhile Danielle is saying that she's currently an assistant technical director. "It sounds a lot fancier than it is," she adds. That must make it incredibly un-fancy. Chase and Sam ask Anna and some other girls what they like best about Luke. Anna likes his sense of humor. Another girl likes how Luke treats everybody, even though that's clearly put on for the cameras and the producers are telling him what to do and say. Chase says Luke has a big heart. It'll be dangerously so if he doesn't start losing weight.

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