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Anna, Bonnie, and Tali talk shit about Danielle. Bonnie is happy she's gone for a few hours and says the house is more relaxed without Danielle in it. In the kitchen, Kristian says she wants to strangle Danielle, but Kristian probably wants to strangle everyone who so much as looks at Luke including Luke himself because if she can't have him, no one can! Together FOREVER!!!! Lauren hopes that Luke will see Danielle's "non-ladylike ways" tonight. What non-ladylike ways? Is it manly to not eat seafood or something? And it's not like Lauren is the epitome of feminine sophistication. Is she eating a bowl of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner? Is she eight?

Speaking of eight, someone thought it would be hilarious to give Danielle a frozen chocolate-covered banana for desert. Luke says that Danielle was nervous and unsure if she should talk or eat on the date. Luke recommended doing both, and that was a big mistake because now Danielle is talking with a mouth full of food. Luke can't wait for this to be over, and says it's time for "the next phase" of their date. Danielle chugs the rest of her wine first. Luke and Danielle go for a ride in a Gondola. Luke interviews that he "made up [his] mind" about "what type of person Danielle is" and wanted to relax and not have to listen to her anymore. And yet, he continues to engage her in conversation, asking her why she's never had a second date. Danielle says she tends to reveal too much about herself, like how she's still a virgin. And while she seems to know where she goes wrong, she still does it. This has nothing to do with her weight and everything to do with her lack of social skills and manners. Then there's an awkward pause. Luke attempts to fill it by saying things like "I love being on the water" and "the restaurant looks so pretty," like, how is he any better at conversation than Danielle is, really? Where the fuck do statements like that lead? Get a personality!

Oh, god. Danielle says her date was awesome despite all evidence to the contrary and says this counts as a second date for her, even though she never had a first date and even if she had, this date was chosen by Luke's friends and not Luke himself. Looking drunk, Danielle says she can see endless possibilities on the water. "Yeah," Luke says, not at all interested. You know what, Danielle? There are endless possibilities, and I hope you find someone out there you deserve and who deserves you. Which means someone better than Luke.

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