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Inside, Danielle says that she noticed other girls rallying hard to get Luke's attention and suck up to him, but she isn't going to do that because she thinks their chemistry is real and it's enough. Right. See you later, Danielle. Malissa tells Luke that she's really interested in him. Luke hands her a big glass of wine and walks off to hear more from someone else about how great he is. He sits with Heather, and she says she feels really comfortable around him and talking to him about her size and her weight. Because that's romantic. How about instead of looking for a guy you feel comfortable talking about your weight with, you become comfortable with your weight and then everything else will fall into place? Luke says he wants to see Heather "just totally go for it." I think he's asking for a BJ. Bonnie has a present for Luke stuffed in her cleavage. He takes it out to reveal a crappy drawing of him she made. I could have done a better picture when I was ten and it would have been colored in better, too. Lame. And oh SHIT, now it's Kristian's turn with Luke. Let's see if she says anything different than what she said last week? Nope. They kiss again, and suddenly we're looking at Kristian in an interview with a face full of tears. She's really scared of being heartbroken. That's life. Get over it. And then she goes to another girl in the house to talk about how scared she is of falling for Luke as if this girl isn't in the EXACT SAME SITUATION. But Kristian doesn't see that because she really thinks that she's the only person with any kind of connection to Luke because she's self-absorbed and has nothing else going on in her life to focus on besides this fantasy. Waaah, she's made herself so vulnerable! No one else has ever done that in a relationship before, so Kristian is really special and unique. Kristian says she's never had a man in her life who made her feel beautiful, as if the rest of these girls haven't suffered through the EXACT SAME THING. She claims that she knows she's beautiful and has a lot to offer, but obviously she doesn't really think that if she's placing this much importance on what a man she barely knows thinks about her looks. "If I go home tonight, that'll be very hard for me," she whines. As opposed to the other girls, for whom it will be easy. But it will be especially hard for Kristian, actually, because she's a teacher and her students are going to laugh their asses off at her.

Emme stomps into the room with a wooden "hello, Luke." Is she a robot? Something about her mannerisms and the way she delivers lines it so... not human. "The party is over," she says, then announces that four more women are going home tonight. HOORAY! I wish it were 12, but I'll take four. "Four is a lot," Christina says. With that, the girls drop their cheap cheesy promise rings into the cheap cheesy bowl. Only Lauren isn't nervous, as she says she's ready to watch four more competitors leave.

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