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Elimination time! Emme welcomes the ladies and then walks away. Luke says the lines the producers fed him about how lucky he is to have met them all. Then he opens the ring box and starts calling names. First up is Heather, of course. Kristian blathers on about how awesome Luke is again. I'm tuning her ass out until a few minutes from now when she doesn't get a ring and sets the place on fire. Mandy gets the next ring and talks up a storm when she accept it: "my finger feels very naked without it." Shut up, whoever you are. Anna gets the third ring, of course. Bonnie interviews that she thinks that lame picture she drew of Luke was "super adorable" and will help her stay in the game. Not so much! Lauren is called next. I don't know what Luke sees in her, but okay. She says she doesn't care if she's called first or eleventh. Except that only the top eight get to stay, so being called eleventh would mean you were eliminated... whatever. Kristian says that she "let down a wall" that she doesn't usually let down and maybe that scared Luke away. I have a feeling she lets that wall down all the fucking time. Tali gets the next ring. Just as Melissa is certain she's leaving tonight, Luke calls her name. There are two rings left. One goes to Malissa, who had better be more interesting next week. With one ring left, Emme suddenly appears and says, "only one ring remains." Then she leaves just as quickly as she arrived. Heh. My mom, who didn't want me to give her a shout-out because people would know that she watched this show, said Emme was like a cuckoo clock the way she just appears in the little arched doorway, makes an announcement, and walks back out of sight.

Last ring, and so many crazies who think it should go to them. Amanda interviews about how she wants it, but I have no idea who she is so I don't care. Kristian thinks Luke will not call her name and hasn't even thought about what she said to him. Oh, I think he has thought about it, and that's why he won't call your name. And then, Luke calls Kristian. WHAT. WHATTTT???? COME ON! UGH! I want her gone gone GONE!!!! I want her to burn the place down and spare herself from any more of this humiliation. I want Luke to stop keeping her around because she's made herself look so pathetic that he just doesn't have the heart to kick her off.

Emme cuckoo clocks back into the room and says it's time for the departing women to say good-bye. Christina walks up to Luke and says he made a "really big" mistake. He says he doesn't think they would "be good" together and he has to go with his instincts because that's all he has. Except for a producer shouting recommendations in his ear. Bonnie walks up to Luke next, and he thanks her for her stupid picture. Bonnie figures that Luke couldn't bring her home to his mother and that's why he cut her loose. Whatever makes you feel better, Bonnie. Random Amanda is shocked to be going home because she's so much prettier than the girls he kept, not to mention thinner. Well, that might be true, but you're obviously much uglier on the inside. Danielle is last to go. She says good-bye and hopes Luke finds the girl of his dreams. She claims that Luke somehow taught her so much during their brief time together. Apparently not how to read a room, though.

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