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ssing Mandy that he's never felt before. But they all say that all the time, so whatever.

Lauren gets her alone time with Luke. In the meantime, the other girls mistake a tray of guacamole for a face mask. Malissa puts it on her cleavage. Are they drunk? They must be. They all decide to hang out in the hot tub and be really loud and obnoxious, so loud that Luke and Lauren can hear them out on the balcony. So they walk inside to join them, much to Lauren's displeasure. Luke jumps in the hot tub with the girls while Lauren fumes.

It's almost time for the mixer, and Lauren wants to know how confident the other girls are going into the elimination. Heather is very confident. Melissa is not so much. Then Luke arrives. He claims that he still doesn't know which two girls he's sending home tonight, and the mixer will help him decide for sure. Luke makes sure to spend alone time with Lauren first. She continues to think that he's all about her, but she's also feeling the strain of having to compete for him with other girls. Luke asks her if she's approached this show with more of a "competitive spirit" than anyone else. She says she's competing for his time and attention, but not his affection. Meanwhile, Melissa spies from the open window. Oh, please let Lauren see her. That would be so awesome. What is Lauren's boob tattoo of, by the way? I can't figure it out.

Luke goes for Mandy next, and she wants to dance right away. And also kiss. She says she wants Luke to be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the other girls spy. Lauren guesses that Mandy and Luke's embrace is because he's saying good-bye to her early. Mandy tells Luke she can be patient with him. She says that's good, because this is only going the get harder. Especially because I think I see a post-spa sunburn on her arms. Ouch!

Luke hangs out with Melissa. He interviews that she's mysterious to him because of her shyness. Melissa says that meeting Luke has made her more confident, and he's changed her life. Which is pathetic. And now she thinks she's falling in love with him and he's the only guy in the whole wide world who can look past her body. Except for the other guys who asked her out who she rejected.

Back among the entire group, Luke interviews that he sees "wife credentials" in many of the women. What are wife credentials? Does he mean wife potential? And do they have potential up the roof? And here comes Emme with the sacred ring bowl. What, no alone time with Kristian tonight? She is a goner! The time to burn the mansion down will soon be at hand!

Emme welcomes the girls to elimination. Luke arrives, and Emme takes off as usual. He speechifies whatever the producers told him to say, and the first ring goes to ... Heather, of course. Tali, who is now the most invisible woman on this show since Mandy started to show up and cry a bunch, gets the next one. Melissa frets that if she's sent home now, it could be another 21 years before she finds another guy like Luke. Well, with that attitude, maybe. Malissa gets the third ring. Mandy gets the fourth. The ring-less girls are getting nervous. Kristian gets the fifth ring. THE HELL? Why? I don't get it. She's crazy! Crazy with a K! And Emme cuckoo-clocks back into the room to remind anyone who can't count that there is only one ring left. Lauren sneers. Anna cries. Melissa's entire future is riding on this. Since Anna and Melissa are crying in their interviews and Lauren isn't, I'm guessing she gets the ring. But no! It's Anna. Lauren just shrugs. And then sneers. Melissa's world crumbles around her. Emme cuckoo-clocks back into the room to tell them to say their good-byes. For all the shit Lauren talked, she takes her loss seemingly well and doesn't break down into tears or anything, which is why she is probably one of the women with self-confidence that Luke claimed to find attractive. She wishes him luck and walks out. She tells us, basically, that it's his loss. Which is the right attitude for this kind of thing. And Melissa gets more time with Luke, who says it was nice to meet her and she's great and all. But Melissa doesn't really believe any of that and maybe she should get some therapy when she gets home? Luke gets a group hug with his six remaining women, except that there are only five of them as Mandy was crushed under his arm.

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