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s about her and she's in love with him and now Tali feels a lot less confident than she did before. Which is pretty much what Kristian wanted. Tali says that everyone in the house is "so confused" about Kristian's emotions and the way she chooses to express them. Quick! Everyone get in the hot tub and fight it out like the previews! Tali marches over to Luke, who looks surprised to see her. I guess he doesn't like it when the woman steps up and takes initiative to talk to him after all. Inside the house, the other five women watch Tali from afar. Kristian is not happy about this whatsoever. Tali tells Luke what Kristian said to her, and he says it's true, that he does care for Kristian. Tali says she's "developing feelings" for the man that Kristian loves. Then she mumbles something that I have to get up and turn the closed captioning on to figure out what it is, which just makes me dislike Tali. Okay, she said "maybe I shouldn't be in the picture." Great! LEAVE. Luke's confused as to why Tali is suddenly acting like she didn't know she was going on a show where she'd be competing against several women for one man. Tali says Kristian made her feel less confident about her relationship with Luke. Luke tells her to stop worrying about what anyone except him and her heart say. But she really shouldn't listen to Luke either, because he's full of crap, saying that he has "deep feelings" for all six remaining girls. With that, everyone takes a seat inside. Luke says he's really struggling with this.

Hey! It's Emme! And it only took her forty-eight minutes to show up with that "I hate my life" stare of hers. She passes the ring bowl around as Heather interviews that she hopes she gets her ring back because it's hard to find a guy who likes her because she's fat. I am starting a drinking game. Because if I'm going to have to hear about how wonderful it is to meet a guy who doesn't judge her on her weight like every single other man in the world does over and over and over again I might as well have fun doing it. Also, is that a tattoo on Kristian's back? I did not think she was cool enough for a tattoo. And you really don't have to be all that cool to get a tattoo these days, either. Maybe it's a permanent restraining order from the last guy she instantly fell in love with?

After the break, Emme reminds us that two more women are going home tonight and then takes off. Luke says he thinks he made the right decisions tonight over who should stay and who should go. Kristian interviews once again that she's in love with Luke forever and ever like no other man and she will be crushed and destroyed if he sends her home. She says this every week. Anna feels like she wasn't expressive enough to Luke about her feelings for him. But it doesn't matter, because she gets the first ring! Say whatever you want, all Luke cares about is whether or not you're a model! Even a plus-size model! It's all good! Malissa gets the next ring. Mandy's entire mouth area is glossy like she's been drooling over herself as she waits for the third ring to be handed out. Luke likes that look, though, and gives her the ring. Emme cuckoo-clocks out to say there's only one ring left. Tali is "emotionally exhausted." Heather says this is the most difficult thing she's done in her whole life. Heather is also 22. It'll get worse, darling. Kristian is "mortified." Which she really should be, although I don't think she knows what the word actually means. So, who gets the last ring? Tali! Oh no!!! Kristian is going on a killing spree, y'all! Tali mutters something about Luke needing to know CPR because she's about to faint. More like he should know CPR because she's about to get killed by Kristian! Luke just ignores her because he has to say his "will you wear this ring?" line.

Emme cuckoo-clocks back in to tell Kristian and Heather it's time to say good-bye. They're both upset, although Heather mutters that she "knew" this was going to happen. She hugs Luke good-bye and tells us that she respects that she's not the one for Luke and feels better about herself now than she ever has before. Well, good. Keep that going, Heather! And stop crediting Luke for teaching you self-esteem. When Heather and Luke's hug finally ends, he either tries to hold back a sob or a yawn. I can't be sure which. It's probably the yawn.

And now, Kristian. She hugs Luke and says she loves him and hopes he finds someone who "cares" about him. But not loves him, because only Kristian can love him. And if she can't have him, she'll make sure no one can. She walks out, and Luke stands there for a second before following her out while suspenseful music plays. And I think this is actually genuine, but he runs after her and hugs her in front of the lighting equipment and says he really does care about her and wants what's best for her, and he's not it. But someone else is. Luke interviews that he thought Kristian should get more of an explanation and not leave devastated after opening up to him. Luke says she has nothing to be embarrassed about, which is nice of him to say even though it's not true.

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