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Back at the mansion, Mandy gets the next solo date. She's thrilled! The note says they're going to have a "calm" date, which Malissa immediately interviews might not be the best match for Mandy because she's "hyperactive." Malissa tries not to smile about this.

Whatever, Mandy date! Back to the Go-Karts. Tali tells her aunt how much she likes Luke. The aunt, who both looks and acts like Debbie Downer, asks Tali how she'll feel if Luke picks someone else. Tali says she'll be heartbroken. Meanwhile, Luke and Uncle Leo are talking some more. Leo finally brings up the fact that Tali's grandparents and his wife's parents are "very religious" and "very orthodox in their religion." Whatever religion that is, because no one comes out and says it. Leo says that Tali will face opposition from her family if she's with Luke long-term and he'll feel like he's not good enough. At least, that's what happened to Leo when he married Tali's aunt. Now Luke is worried that Tali's family won't approve of him. And Tali is worried, too. Thanks, Uncle Leo!

Tali returns to the mansion as Mandy gets ready for her date. But she can't get ready without Malissa grilling her and Anna sitting around not saying anything like usual. Mandy finally throws her curling iron down and tells Malissa to quit it with the interrogation. Mandy interviews that Malissa is fucking with her. And Mandy is letting her. Sure enough, Mandy bursts into tears. Malissa totally got inside her head and messed it all up! That's kind of impressive. Awesomer still, as Mandy cries and whines, we cut to Malissa with a big old smile on her face. Tali makes a half-hearted effort to see to Mandy as Malissa claims that she wasn't expecting this. But she was.

Mandy pulls herself together and meets Luke outside. She interviews that when she saw him she was "so overjoyed with happiness." I wonder if that's more or less happy than being up the roof with happiness. Also, why is Mandy interviewing in her workout gear? Were all her other clothes wet with tears? Luke and Mandy arrive at the date, which I think is the same party boat that he took half the girls back in episode two. As soon as they climb on board, her parents are there waiting for her. Mandy is very happy to see them and then the drinking starts! Luke asks the parents how they met and interviews that he feels very relaxed around them. Unlike, you know, Uncle Leo. And Luke and Mandy's dad even have something in common -- their fathers are both butchers! And were apparently born in 1820. Uh oh -- Dad starts talking about he works out every day so that he can eat good food and not get fat. Luke tries to claim that he works out, too.

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