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Back at the mansion, the three ladies talk about Mandy and how they all secretly hope she's having a terrible date because she's kind of insane. Tali awesomely interviews that Mandy is apparently having trouble with the fact that Luke is dating three other women and that "the way you cope with it is up to you. That's what's called 'self-control.'" Um, why didn't we get to see any of Tali up until this point? Because she's great.

Back on the boat, Mom wants to know why Luke is attracted to Mandy. Luke says he likes her confidence. Mom says Luke might think Mandy is confident, but she's also very sensitive. How about letting Luke find that out for himself, Mom? Geez. I wouldn't appreciate it if I brought a boyfriend home to meet the family and they sat there and told him about my personality traits. "I mean, she's so crazy otherwise," Mom continues. Mandy makes a face like she's about to snap her mother's neck. It's pretty funny. Luke asks the parents if they think Mandy is ready to "settle down." Mandy tries to glare the right answer out of her mother, who says Mandy is ready for "a serious relationship" but maybe not for marriage yet. Luke catches on that Mandy might not have appreciated her mother's inability to keep her damn mouth shut. Mandy worries that Luke will think that she's not ready for marriage because of what her parents said, which she doesn't even think is true.

Whatever, it's the next day and Tali runs out of the house to fetch the next Luke letter. She looks way too happy about this letter. Maybe too much Red Bull this morning? This note is for Anna and says very little about what they'll be doing today. Everything about Anna is a mystery, it seems. Anna gets ready for the date while telling us that she used to be a sporty tomboy but is now a model and that surprises people. I don't care about this. Stop trying to give Anna a personality because it's too late. She meets Luke outside and they drive to the bowling alley. I've actually been to that bowling alley and it's really nice. Anna says she really likes bowling because of summer camp (what richy rich summer camp did she go to? The one I went didn't have a freaking bowling alley, that's for sure) and she shows off by bowling either a strike or knocking down nine pins. It's better than I can do. I once managed to get a gutter ball with bumpers over the gutter. Luke also bowls a strike, but his bowling method is to basically launch the ball at the pins. It's very aggressive. Anna finds this attractive.

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