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Back at the mansion, Malissa get her note. It says something about "a taste." Obviously, the note writers got burnt out after the second one and are writing nonsense.

Anna's attempts to teach Luke how to bowl have made him much worse. He blames this on being so into Anna that he couldn't focus on the game. Anna wins the match by 30 points, 103-73. After all she said about being so good at bowling, that's not such a great score. Anna says she's ready for more surprises, so Luke takes her to the eating area where her parents are waiting for her. Her dad has a tiny head on a big body. He looks like a real-life weeble. Also, Anna is taller than both of her parents. How did that happen? All four sit down and Luke tells the parents how much he digs Anna's looks. Mom asks what he's looking for in a woman besides looks, and he says he wants someone who wants to get married and have children. If that was the case then he should have kept Kristian last week. Luke says that he's basically sowed his wild oats and he's ready to settle down. Dad asks how Luke would feel if Anna had to travel to London for a month for her job. Luke doesn't seem particularly thrilled with the prospect even though he just said that he wants his wife to have her own career and stuff. He says it would be hard to be apart from her, but he would "understand" that she needed to go. He interviews that it was nice to meet Anna's parents and be on a date with her, but he's not sure if she's really ready to settle down because of her career.

Finally, it's Malissa's turn for a date. She says she's happy to go last because she'll be the freshest in Luke's mind when elimination time comes. She talks about how you need to be vulnerable to be in a relationship and that's hard for her. Luke interviews that he's attracted to Malissa but wants to know more about her hopes and dreams and level of commitment or whatever. They drive to Goodfellas restaurant, wherever that is. I just looked it up and apparently it's in my neighborhood. It also has some really funny bad reviews at Yelp so I won't be going there anytime soon. Luke and Malissa sit down at a table and talk about the show thus far. Malissa says that she knew she'd be in it for a long time as soon as she saw him and she feels good about their connection so far. Also, she thinks he is attractive and so is she. A waitress brings out a bunch of wine and blindfolds for Luke and Malissa to wear that she claims will improve their other senses. While Malissa wears the blindfold, Luke takes his off as Malissa's sisters arrive. They sit down at the table and Malissa is told to take her blindfold off. She's shocked to see her sisters sitting across from her. Apparently, Malissa is the oldest sister although her Blonde Sister looks like fifteen years older than her. She also looks like she should be on a different dating show. Called Rock of Love. As a contestant. She says her childhood with Malissa was full of "good times, bad times, sad times, but everything happens for a reason." Okay. Blonde Sister has had a rough life. The Brunette Sister, Shannon, explains in an interview that their mother died when she was four and Malissa's been a mother figure to her younger sisters. Shannon also says that Malissa has always been "a little thick" but gained a lot of weight in the past year. I wonder why. The sisters then proceed to interrogate Luke about his job and whether or not he's ever cheated on a girl. Luke says he hasn't, but Blonde Sister clearly doesn't believe him. She interviews (and her name is revealed to be Kat) that she's being a hardass to make sure that Malissa doesn't end up with someone who will hurt her. Also because I have a feeling Kat is a hardass in general. Kat tells Luke that Malissa's "rockin' body" is relatively new and asks if he'd want to change her. He says she's fine the way she is. Kat asks if Luke is looking for a serious relationship, and he says he is because he wants to have kids. "Me too!" Malissa whispers before Kat can pull a Mandy's mom and ruin her chances. She manages to do it anyway: "I can't picture you having any kids." It turns out that Kat has a son of her own, and in the almost four years of his life, Malissa has never baby-sat for him, causing the sisters to believe that Malissa hates kids. Maybe she just hates your kid, Kat. Maybe he's a brat. Kat continues that Malissa has never even changed her son's diaper. Malissa says she never asked her to. "Yes she has!" chimes in Shannon. Change your own son's diaper, Kat. That's gross. I like babies, but I don't like baby shit. Luke finds this very revealing since he baby-sits his niece and nephew often. Malissa interviews quite reasonably that just because she doesn't want to take care of other people's kids doesn't mean she wouldn't want to take care of her own. Luke asks the sisters if he has their blessing to propose to Malissa. Kat narrows her eyes and thinks before saying "you're cool. I like you." Shannon says it doesn't matter what Kat wants. It only matters what Malissa wants. What Malissa wants right now is to tell the other three girls that Luke talked about proposing to her on their date. Because it will make them all feel bad.

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