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As soon as she gets home, she tells the girls about Luke's sort-of proposal. She tries to act all reluctant to say it so the girls have to force it out of her, but sure enough, she tells them that Luke asked her sisters to marry her. Well, not exactly. But it upsets the hell out of Mandy. Tali asks what Malissa would say if Luke did propose to her. She says she'd say yes. Mandy cries. The girls pretend to go to bed at the same time.

Time for the mixer! Luke heads over and says this is going to be very serious since he's met everyone's family and established strong connections. Anna interviews that she'll have to step up if she wants to stick around. Luke takes a seat next to Tali first and they talk about Uncle Leo and how impossible he made their future together seem. Luke claims that he "enjoyed" hearing Leo's take on everything. Tali says that she's talked to her parents (presumably about being in a relationship with a guy who isn't just like them) and doesn't think it would be a big deal. Tali worries that Luke won't want to choose a "foreign girl" with all kinds of complicated family stuff over an "all-American girl."

Meanwhile, the other three women eat. Malissa says she isn't nervous about tonight and thinks that she and Anna will be the last two standing. Mandy appears to be nearby, but I can't tell if she's close enough to hear her. I hope so.

Suddenly, Luke is talking to Anna. Apparently, her father said he didn't think she was ready for marriage yet and Luke is taking that seriously. Anna assures Luke that her career would not get in the way of their relationship and he could always come with her on her travels. Luke says he'd have to be able to get away from work. I'm sure he could. I don't think he has a real job anyway. Luke interviews that he thinks Anna has had a "pretty easy life" and as an only child she's used to "getting what she wants."

Mandy watches Anna and Luke from afar and gets all paranoid. Finally, she gets her one-on-one time with Luke. She interviews that after hearing what Malissa said Luke said on their date, she fears that he's all about her and none of the other girls. So it seems like a really good idea to Mandy to spend their last time alone together talking about Malissa. Because that tactic worked so well for Lauren. Luke says that he was just trying to find out if Malissa was ready for marriage and if her family would accept him as her husband, which he asked all of his dates' families in one way or another. Luke interviews that Mandy seems to need a lot of attention.

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