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Luke takes Malissa away to talk. Malissa asks Luke how he feels about what he learned about her from her sisters. He says he feels good and her sisters are tough. But he wants to know why Malissa won't baby-sit her sister's kid. Malissa claims that she was only asked a few times and happened to be busy all of those times. Just tell the truth and say what you said before, Malissa! You'll love your own babies but you don't like other people's. It makes sense, it's common, and it's very understandable and doesn't sound like a weak excuse. She finally does say that, but Luke doesn't know if he believes her.

Hey, it's Emme! So pointless. She walks in with the stupid bowl and tells the women to drop their rings into it. They do.

After the break, Emme is still around. She says that one woman is going home tonight. That's it? I was kind of hoping it would be three women. And then the show would be over! Luke walks back into the room, which is Emme's cue to leave. The first ring goes to ... Malissa! Hooray! Now she'll go off and think of more ways to plot against the other girls. No really -- that's what she said. Mandy is very upset about this, because she hates Malissa. She closes her eyes dramatically. "If I don't get my ring back tonight I'll be sad," Tali says. Thank you, Tali. Go back to being invisible please. The second ring goes to Tali, so I guess she won't be sad after all. Oooh, and now that there's one ring left, the dramatic music picks up. I love the dramatic music.

that only one ring is left. Mandy and Anna both interview about how nervous they are that they won't be picked. Anna seems to really be expecting to get hers, so I guess she won't be. Sure enough, it goes to Mandy. And I wrote that all out before Luke even called Mandy's name because I could already tell where it was going. Poor Anna -- if only she had let Luke win at bowling, she probably would have stayed.

Emme wanders in to tell Anna to say good-bye and then walks back out again. Anna hugs the girls good-bye and approaches Luke, who interviews that he could tell that she was upset to go. Yeah, she looks pretty disgusted about this whole thing. She says she can't say anything to Luke, who offers to walk her out. She accepts. Luke interviews that he didn't think Anna was ready for a serious relationship and tells her the same. Anna says she really thought they had something great together but apparently she was wrong. Yes. She was wrong that this show could produce a great relationship in the first place. They hug and Luke says he really cares about her or whatever. She says that the experience was a good one and she's glad she met him. Check out Anna being classy! She cries that she really feels let down and like she was more invested in Luke than he was in her.

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