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with him and sure she's supposed to be with him for the rest of her life. Kristian said that too, though.

The next day, Luke is back on the beach staring out into the ocean. He says it's time to decide which girl to send home and it's a very tough decision that's making him feel light-headed. That might just be sunstroke, Luke. Or maybe the poison Emme put in his coffee is finally starting to kick in. Meanwhile, you're all reading this thinking "Emme? Who's that? This show doesn't have a host!" And I will remind you that Tali didn't exist until like last week and she's in the top three so obviously the editors are capable of causing human beings to appear and disappear at will. Tali, Mandy, and Malissa stand on their marks on a nice grass hill next to the water. Emme is there and looking not so good in an orange dress that does horrible things to her boobs. Perhaps it's best, though, because if they looked nice then Luke would fall in love with Emme and feel differently about her than any woman he's ever met. They managed to smuggle the ring bowl on the plane to Hawaii even though it's a weapon (it can rip a desperate woman's heart apart!) and Emme orders the women to drop their rings in it. Except this time, instead of Emme coming around with the bowl, they must walk over to her. I love how every episode Emme's part just gets that much smaller. Malissa interviews that she's very confident she'll be staying tonight. Tali says the same thing. Mandy, of course, is not so sure. Luke tells the three that this is a very tough decision but he has to send someone home tonight. The two women who remain will be heading to Luke's home to meet his family. No more Hawaii? Bummer.

The first ring goes to Tali. I'm not surprised. The question now is, will Emme cuckoo-clock out from behind the fern to announce that only one ring remains? Guess not, because Luke calls Malissa forward. I really thought he was going to keep Mandy. I guess boobs>beards. Emme appears to tell Mandy it's time to say her good-byes. Because she's had fuck all to do today, Emme makes the effort to put a hand on Luke's back in an attempt to appear sympathetic or something. It only lasts a second and then she's back in the forest. Luke says it broke his heart to see how upset Mandy was because he really does care about her. He walks her out and says that he really thinks he was supposed to meet her. "I don't know what to say," Mandy says. Instead, she sobs. In the limo, she gets a little exit interview where she says that she really thought she was going to be the last woman standing and she was looking forward to having Luke as a husband and the father of her children. "I just feel lost. I feel really lost," she says. Aw, Mandy, don't cry. It's okay. You might feel lost right now, but by no means are you a loser. Because you don't have to be on this embarrassing show anymore.

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