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Gotta Have Faith
e show for being Jewish, do you really think he'd admit it? But, he continues, he also made a promise to love her for who she is -- and he does. Yes, even overweight Jews can find love! Luke says that Tali also loves him who for he is, which is just as important. It's about time he said that. "You make me a better man," he says. Tali looks up at the sky and thanks God for this. God is like, "I had nothing to do with it. I don't give two shits about reality dating shows. Leave me alone. I'm trying to watch The Biggest Loser here." With that, Luke takes the ring from the box and gets down on bended knee. Aw, Tali is shaking with emotion. "Will you marry me?" Luke says. Tali appears to shake her head "no" at first but ultimately says yes. He puts the ring on her finger and they make out and the camera totally fucks up the shot by casting a shadow over the scene as it's lifted high above the stage area. Whoops! They kiss loudly but they honestly seem happy with each other so who knows? Maybe they'll make it. I just want Tali to be happy. In a joint interview, Tali tells the world that the only size that matters when it comes to love is the size of your heart. And Faith's approval.

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