The Watchmen Dialogues, Vol. 1

Dan: And going back to the footage we saw, I think the single best image in all of that was the absolute final shot we saw at the end of the half hour, which said the release date: 03.06.09. That was the best shot we saw all day.

Zach: Aside from the fact that you're happy it appears that the movie will come out on time, was the footage a positive -- did it make you more excited?

Dan: Yes, it was definitely positive. As I said earlier, I now realize that it's not Watchmen the comic book, it's Zack Snyder's Watchmen, and that's really exciting because I've read the comic two billion times, like so many other people out there, and practically have it memorized, and it's not my life's dream to see the comic book literally frame by frame on the screen.. I like the idea that a smart, visual guy like Zack Snyder is showing us his adaptation of Watchmen. That opening credits sequence blew my mind and that makes me excited about all the things I don't expect that are going to be in this movie.

Zach: You call him smart and visual, but do you like Zack Snyder as a director in general with Dawn of the Dead and 300?

Dan: Well, his resume is so thin that I don't know how much I could fairly judge him by it, but I think Watchmen is obviously going to be the big capper to his career thus far. He's certainly a very visual guy -- there wasn't a lot of non-visual stuff in 300 worth talking about -- and I like the fact that this movie is giving him a chance to show his incredible attention to detail. Every nook and cranny on the screen is filled with something that's there intentionally. If there's a newspaper on the screen, you better believe that every single word in it is actually real -- it's not lorem ipsum. Having seen Zack Snyder speak in person four times now, and having met him briefly, I do like him a lot. He can be insanely inarticulate when he speaks, but he lets his images do the talking for him and I think they're pretty powerful.

Read what director Zack Snyder and co-creator Dave Gibbons revealed about the graphic novel's long journey to the big screen.

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