The Watchmen Dialogues, Vol. 1

Zach: Yeah, it is suspicious that the psychiatrist would have his whole outfit and not just the mask. Wouldn't that be in an evidence room somewhere? And keep in mind that when he goes back to his apartment to get his costume, that's when he also gets his diary so he can mail it, which sets up the big epilogue to the comic book. So I'm just wondering how they're going to make that work, or if that epilogue even happens. That epilogue was just perfect.

Dan: I'd be shocked if they didn't have that epilogue. My wild guess is that if they can come up for a rationale for the costume to be in the psychiatrist's office in prison, they can come up with either a rationale for the journal to be there, too, or have Rorschach go back to this apartment anyway -- though that would negate having the costume in prison. No matter what they do, it won't be as clean as it is in the comic, but I'm assuming Zack needs to compress time wherever he can.... Another thing that stood out for me in that footage -- which, again, speaks to how the movie is a different medium than the comic book -- is right at the beginning when we see Nite Owl and Silk Spectre talking just after they've had sex. One of my favorite moments in the entire Watchmen graphic novel is the sequence at the end of that issue, where Nite Owl says, "I think we should break Rorschach out of prison," and the next panel is just the Owl Ship, silent. It's almost like there's a pause and Silk Spectre is too stunned to speak. And then the final panel is her saying, "What?" I just love that, but that doesn't translate at all to the film, and in the footage we saw, the dialogue is essentially the same, but we lose entirely that wonderful pause that was in the comic book. Maybe there's just no way you could duplicate that on-screen with the same impact.

Zach: I think it's the easiest thing in the world to duplicate, but I'm not so sure it was actually cut from the film. I think when the footage we saw begins, they were already in the process of discussing the rescue. I think he'd already broached the subject with her and she'd already thought about it, because she was having a rational discussion about it. So I think there's more footage that we didn't see.

Dan: Well, I hope you're right. I'd love somehow for that great pause to be reflected in the movie. One of my other favorite moments in the entire comic is the line, "What did you expect? The Comedian is dead" from the first issue. Even if they use all of the dialogue exactly as it was originally written in the movie, I still don't feel it's going to have the same kind of impact as the comic book. He says that line and then that's the end of the chapter. You, the reader, marinate on that. And with movies, by their nature, there's no time for marinating; the movie has to keep going. So that's another example of how the movie is its own beast; it doesn't have the same beats and rhythms as the comic book.

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