The Watchmen Dialogues, Vol. 1

Zach: Oh man, talk about using a cannon to destroy a fly. It's horrible, just the bones and the viscera...

Dan: That's one of those moments where you do get the sense that Dr. Manhattan is truly a god among humans, and that people are shocked and staring up at him. Seeing him reassembling a tank didn't do it for me, because I feel that Iron Man could reassemble a tank. But when he kills these people in such an immediate, emotionless way, such a brutal way, you could see in the faces of the people left standing that this is a divine, or at least a much more powerful, being here.

Zach: Yeah, you get the sense that he'd have to be completely divorced from his humanity to do something like that. And it's so much more clear when you're seeing it in a film, and it's all over the walls. What human being could do something like that? And it's certainly very shocking. I'm also interested to see, pervert that I am, how high Snyder amps up the sex quotient in this. Because there isn't really any on-panel sex in the comic book, but thinking back to the lengthy sex scene in 300 where Leonidas is saying good-bye to Queen Gorgo.... The Owl Ship love scene had a lot happen off-panel in the comic book, but I get the feeling that Zack's going to put more that on-screen in the movie.

Dan: We're clearly both jacked up for this movie; a lot of readers of our site are probably jacked up for this; there's a community of geeks out there that's jacked up for this. But despite the fact that a million copies of Watchmen were put into print right just this year alone, which is astounding, very few people out there are familiar with the Watchmen comic book or characters. Is this really going to translate to a mass audience?

Zach: Would Dark Knight have done what it did if it wasn't a known quantity? No, of course not. But I don't think something needs to be a known quantity to be wildly successful. Will it be as massively successful as Dark Knight or Spider-Man, I don't know. The fact that it's superheroes might be enough to get your average person interested in it. But then you've got the fact that it's an R-rating, which automatically eliminates any parents taking their kids. So, I think, despite how surprised everyone was that 300 was as successful as it was, I think it still going to have at least that cap that 300 did. But I'm glad they went with an R-rating; I can't imagine what it would have been like with a PG-13. I'm sure they could have done it, but god only knows.... you look at 300, it's a movie about Spartans, but it was because of how it looked and because of word of mouth that it was so successful. And with Watchmen, you already have good word of mouth coming out about the movie. People are seeing the commercial and getting dazzled by the visuals. So I think it has the potential to do at least as well as 300 did, which is not unremarkable.

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