Nixon's Cool: Zack Snyder on Watchmen

by Daniel Manu October 9, 2008
Watchmen Director Speaks Out

On Reactions to Changing the Comic:
"There's a rabid fan base for the graphic novel that maybe are against the motion picture or are maybe against the concept of the motion picture or the changes you might make to the book itself. But look, No Country for Old Men I guarantee you is changed twice as much or three times as much as we changed Watchmen. But there's no vocal group of anti-No Country for Old Men purists that are gonna kill the Coens because their movie isn't frame-for-frame, or line-for-line, accurate. Although Cormac McCarthy is a pretty awesome novelist, so... I think there's grounds. Though I loved the movie, too, so that's a problem. I just treated [Watchmen] like a great book that you're making into a movie. You happen to have pictures, which is cool.

On the Tales of the Black Freighter DVD:
"We're creating it as an animated film. We have shot all the ins and outs with the two Bernies at the newsstand that we can then put in the DVD where they work into the actual story. But for the theatrical release, that will not be the case. At the time of release, there's going to be a DVD that is a mock documentary called Under the Hood, which basically is a TV show from '85 where a guy looks back to '72, the year that -- I believe -- Under the Hood was published. And that reporter had done a news story in '72 about the book and now in '85 is doing a retrospective on what had happened to all the characters. It'll be that mockumentary with the Black Freighter on the DVD.

On Retaining the Spirit of the Ending:
"The ending does not puss out, I will assure you of that. In the War on Terror meeting, there was a different ending for the movie. Basically, the moral checkmate that's [at] the end of the graphic novel -- to me that's the point of the graphic novel. The question about whether or not it was the right thing to do -- and the way all the characters have to react to that -- is really beautifully constructed, so that the question it poses is really the crux of what the graphic novel is, I think. And that's the movie. And I can assure you that, in that first meeting, that was not the 'why' of the movie. The 'why' of it was 'run around and fight in rubber suits and beat the shit out of each other' -- which has also got merit, I will not say it doesn't, but that's not why you make this movie."

On How It Compares to Other Comic-Book Movies:

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