Nixon's Cool: Zack Snyder on Watchmen

by Daniel Manu October 9, 2008
Watchmen Director Speaks Out "Well, that question is related to the graphic novel. The graphic novel lives in a comic book world. Iron Man and Batman are not based on graphic novels per se. Those characters get to go on adventures based on the director or writer coming up with an adventure for them to go on. And maybe there are political and/or creative reasons why they do those things that are completely valid and awesome. But they don't serve a piece of literature like Watchmen does, and so I have an obligation to that material. And the last thing it wants to do is send its characters on an adventure in the sort of classic Hollywood sense. We have been trained by Hollywood to think of what a superhero is and [the graphic novel] tries to deconstruct that. Superheroes are mythology and when you can get at the 'why' of your own mythology, I think that's a cool thing and I think hopefully that's what Watchmen does.

Read what Watchmen co-creator and illustrator Dave Gibbons had to say about Snyder's movie and the comic book's legacy.

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