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So. Moonlighting from my regular recapping duties and spending my time with reality TV. Aaron Sorkin is going to be SO disappointed in me.

Previously: Flicka ticked off her tribemates to the tune of getting herself voted out, despite tribe-wide feelings of distrust toward Jonathan. Ozzy climbed things and killed things and managed to make himself both valuable and threatening to the Aitu tribe. And Nate called Brad a "nancy boy," which meant your guest recapper here had to reluctantly break up with him. We could've had something special, Nate! Why you gotta be a stealth homophobe like that? Twelve Survivors are left.

It's Day 19 at Aitu, and the credits haven't even rolled before Jonathan starts plannin' and schemin'. Okay, all he's really doing is solidifying the already-established alliance of himself, Candice, Yul, Becky, and Sundra. But everyone else seems to want to attach sinister motives to the guy's actions, so I will too. It looks like he wants to make super-double sure that Ozzy is the next in line for a booting. He says that even if they go to the merge with six, the plan is to keep Ozzy around until they've whittled Raro down enough to where it's safe to boot him. Jonathan interviews that everybody's a little "antsy" with the merge in the not-too-distant future, and with a five-person alliance, you can't be perfectly sure everyone's going to stick to the plan. Coincidentally enough, Candice tells us at home that she's not really interested in sticking to the plan. She wants to get back together with Adam and Parvati. Ooh! Somewhere in sequester, Cao Boi just had a dream about low-interest financing that told him he was totally right about the old Raro tribe sticking together. Candice says it's the "calm before the storm." Also the calm before the...

Credits. It occurs to me that Billy seemed much more menacing when he looked like Jazz Hoyt from Oz and before we realized the fake-love of a bland woman was all it took to tame him. Also? Way to recycle episode titles, Survivor.

A rainbow greets us at Aitu, symbolic of God's promise to re-unite the original all-Caucasion tribe some day. To that end, Candice and Jonathan are having a private conversation about how, with an alliance of six, there's going to come a point where somebody's gonna get turned on, and Jonathan is determined to "not be the guy who made that move too late." To that end, Jonathan poses a final four scenario of him, Candice, Parvati, and Adam. He tells Candice, and then us, that his number one loyalty is to her, and their trust will take them through to the end of the game. So it looks like Jonathan's being pretty honest here. Candice, however, joins the rest of the people on the island -- and likely the animals and sea creatures as well -- in not trusting Jonathan at all. She thinks he has no allegiances but to himself, and she'd like to see him go.

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