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So it's been a while since we've seen Earl. Remember he got released from prison? And Joy had her sister's baby? Well, now it's apparently Christmas time in Camden County, and they're welcoming Earl home from prison with a party at the Crab Shack. Joy is celebrating her release from pregnancy with lots and lots of alcohol. Earl thinks it's good to be out of prison, but then realizes that he still has a little prison left in him when Randy approaches with a knife to cut the cake, and Earl takes him down in a flash.

Catalina congratulates Earl on getting out of prison in time for Christmas, and Earl says he's relieved that he doesn't have to get a gift for his prison Secret Santa, the leader of the skinheads, because "what do you get for the guy who hates everything?" A gift basket from Bath and Body Works? An assortment of fancy cheeses and smoked meats? Gloves? Anyway, Randy reveals that he got Earl's list back. Earl slowly unfolds it, and feels ambivalent. He's now realized that doing good things didn't pay for him -- good things got him sent to prison, and kept him in prison longer. Only doing bad things got him out of prison, so Earl is starting to lose faith in the whole concept of karma. He decides to take a break from the list for a while.

Back at the motel, Randy and Earl have been displaced since the mayor stuck the homeless population in motel rooms to clean up the streets for the holidays. Earl and Randy end up sleeping in the laundry room with the cleaning crew.

Earl decides he needs a job, and the only business in town that will hire ex-cons is Camden Foreign Foods. Earl is forced to deliver Mexican, Chinese, and other foreign foods while wearing a ridiculous costume. He knocks on a door to make delivery, and who answers but Ralph (Giovanni Ribisi)! Ralph is dressed in old-guy clothes, and whispers that he now goes by the name Stan Johanssen. It turns out that after Ralph escaped from prison, wearing only his tighty whities, he hitched a ride with Kenny, and some possibly gay shenanigans went down. Said shenanigans cause Ralph to hop out of the car, and he ends up foraging in an old lady's garbage cans for some food. As he's digging around, he notices that the old lady is getting some Meals on Wheels delivered. Ralph runs up and starts digging around in the delivery, and the old lady opens the door and invites him in.

The old lady, Doris, lets Ralph put on her dead husband's clothes, including his giant Harry Caray-style glasses. Once he's all dressed up, Doris thinks that Ralph is her late husband, and Ralph being Ralph, he decides to take advantage of the situation. Ralph finishes explaining things to Randy and Earl, and Earl is more disgusted than ever that bad deeds are rewarded by the universe. Doris comes in, and Ralph demonstrates how, when he takes off his glasses, Doris thinks he's a stranger and freaks out, but when he puts them back on, she thinks he's Stan again. Ralph kicks the boys out so that he can give Doris her bath, commenting, "It ain't all peaches and cream."

Earl and Randy try to sleep in the laundry room, despite one of the maids farting. Earl starts bitching about how his good deeds should start pulling in rewards by now. Randy thinks Earl will feel better if he crosses an item off the list, and Randy chooses "Ruined Club Chubby's Mistletoe." For the holidays, you know.

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