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With Joy and Darnell back at the trailer, Earl and Randy have a lot of cleaning up to do. They're currently wiping something red and goopy off the windows. Joy can't believe what a mess it is, but Earl and Randy can't help that the cops chased a guy in there and then killed him. Ew. Joy tells them when they're done they can go outside and take down all of the crime scene tape. So, "ew" and "illegal." Darnell's just happy to get to use his real name, Harry Monroe, again. Especially online, where it turns out he has a lot of e-mails to return. Joy tells him not to get any ideas about going by Harry again, because she's finally gotten used to saying "Darnell" during sex, and she's not about to start over.

Dodge comes in and tells Joy he picked all the bugs off of the flypaper and unpacked her clothes; will space camp take him now? He's even wearing a space camp shirt, which helps sell it. But it also begs the question: Where'd he get the shirt if he didn't already go? Joy says space camp wants him to wash her dishes to be a future astronaut. Dodge rushes over to do the dishes, and Earl comes over to ask Dodge if he's going to Chaz Dalton's Space Academy. He and Randy went when they were kids, and it's the awesomest. Chaz went to outer space, walked on the moon, and was the first to sneeze in space. Joy asks why Earl's so gay for space, but Randy corrects Joy, saying that Earl is gay for the men who went to space. Earl says he's not gay for any of it. Randy says that if Earl had to be gay, he'd pick astronauts, and out of all them, he'd pick Chaz. Earl voiceovers that Randy had him there.

He tells us that Chaz is on his list as we flashback to Chaz Dalton's Space Academy during Earl's youth. Earl says it was the best week of his life, even though he thought it would suck at first. Turns out that all changed when he met Chaz, who young Earl actually does check out. He is totally gay for Chaz. [So am I, since he played the hysterically douchey Glenn in The Wedding Singer. - Zach] Chaz shows the kids the actual suit he wore on his mission, and Earl threatens kids with violence if they don't shut up and listen to Chaz. But Earl wanted to be Chaz, so he stole his space suit and helmet. He explains in voiceover that for once he stole something for a good reason, and he even planned to give it back. He ends up jumping on the trampoline all night (weightless between jumps). When he finished, the space suit was pretty dirty, so he put it through the washer and dryer, and it shrank into a baby astronaut suit. Cute! But Earl felt so bad he never went back to finish camp.

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