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A Rosenstein by Any Other Name

Darnell tries to follow her, with Agent Orientation following. Darnell can't track her scent when she's not chewing gum. Agent Orientation tells Darnell to find her, and what a risk she is. That's why they advised him to leave Camden when he had the chance, so he wouldn't get mixed up with people like her. Darnell says that's his wife Agent Orientation's talking about. Agent Orientation explains to us all that Darnell was only supposed to be in Camden for six months, and if he'd taken the job they had for him Tokyo, he would be the one who invented "Dance, Dance Revolution." But he wanted to waste his life in a trailer park. Agent Orientation walks off as Darnell yells after him that it wasn't a waste, but the best decision of his life.

Joy comes out of the closet, where she's heard everything. She can't believe he didn't leave Camden for the glamorous beaches of Tokyo. He says he couldn't leave his baby, which I assume means her, but he also had another baby in the form of Earl Jr. that he probably didn't want to leave. She hugs him and tells him she loves him, Marty Rosenstein, and that she'll hold up her end of the deal no matter how much it hurts. He hears her, because they're going to snip off the tip of his penis tomorrow.

Six hours and three truck changes has taken the fun out of being in the crate for Earl and Randy. Randy's starving and he already ate the emergency jerky he keeps in cheek. Ew! Earl has a cricket in his pocket for them to eat. They split it, and Randy (who stores jerky in his cheek and has sex dreams about his brother) finds it disgusting. He has to taste something else to make the flavor go away, so he starts licking their crate light, which shocks his tongue. Earl thinks this is karma making them eat bugs and shock themselves, just like Joy did for her Fear Factor audition.

Agent Orientation is training Joy and Darnell about their new life, and she's dedicated to being the best Phyllis Rosenstein ever now that she knows how much Darnell sacrificed for her. She has to learn to answer questions about her past breezily, which she does. And she has to talk about her dog clothes business, "Collie Want a Cracker." And she learns Hebrew, which voiceover Earl call speaking Jewish.

Back in the crate, Randy tells Earl that the cricket breast isn't settling well in his stomach. He starts to dry heave, and Earl realizes Randy's going to throw up, because Joy did. They both throw up, but luckily, the cameras are outside the crate so we don't have to see it. Earl opens the crate to realize they're in a dumpster, sort of how they covered Joy in garbage. This dumpster is full of mail, though. It's all forwarded mail, but apparently the post office isn't forwarding it. Randy finds some stuff for Peter Dick Johnson, and other stuff to Santa Claus and God. Then Earl finds a letter to Joy from Erik Estrada. It says she has another chance to be on the show. All she has to do is send in the application, a check to Erik Estrada, and then get people to text vote for Joy. Earl thinks if they can get Joy on the show, she'll come back from anywhere to be on it.

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