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Next thing we know, Earl's telling Joy that this isn't fair to Dodge, and that both of them were embarrassed by the career day debacle. He says they were getting lots of looks and insults. Joy asks if Earl thinks Dodge will feel better when he finds out his dad's some drunk from a Molly Hatchett concert. Earl's all, "You mean Ronnie James Dio. You've always said" that. She says it could be either; all she remembers is being in the men's room and it was crowded and hard to get her leather pants off in the stall. Darnell interjects, because she's always told him it happened in the concession stand where she was kneeling on a box of cups while he continued selling nachos. Wow. That's some multitasking right there. She says she didn't say that, and he reminds her that it was at a parent-teacher conference that she told him that story. Earl asks if it even happened at a concert at all, but Darnell cuts to the actual chase and asks if she knows who Dodge's real father is. She says, "Fine! It's Little Chubby."

Earl explains in voiceover that the Chubby family was the most powerful family in Camden, and that Little Chubby's father, Big Chubby (played by Burt Reynolds), owned nearly every business in town. We see commercials of Big Chubby as Earl tells us which businesses: dry cleaners (Big Chubby: "You wouldn't clean your body with discount chemicals, so why treat your body any differently?"), restaurants (Big Chubby: "The taste of slow cooking with the sloppiest sauce around"). When Big Chubby died, everything went to Little Chubby. We then see him (Norm Macdonald, for forgetful viewers) on his own commercial, advertising SAT prep that you can bring your kids to while you go to the strip club. Nice. The kid in the commercial says, "Chubby Tutorials is to SAT prep..." and Little Chubby finishes: " Club Chubby is to erections."

Earl can't believe Little Chubby is Dodge's dad, but Darnell thinks that explains why Dodge is already getting a mustache. Earl points out that this is a gold mine, since Dodge is the heir to the Chubby empire. Joy says Earl better not tell anyone, because she tried to tell Little Chubby when she first found out she was pregnant with his child. She went into Club Chubby to wait for him, but before she could tell him, another lady told him she was pregnant with his baby. He offered the lady a one-way bus ticket or a gun. She chose the bus ticket and ran off. Joy decided to raise Dodge on her own. Earl: "By tricking me into marrying you? And making me support you?" He reminds her that he did time for stealing a Diaper Genie, adding, "Which, by the way, there's nothing magic about it; it's just crap in a bag." Earl says Joy needs to tell Little Chubby, who is slightly kinder and gentler than he used to be, after the ball-kicking then ball surgery then deciding to be nicer. Earl can't believe Joy can't remember that episode, since she loves ball stories. She says she's not telling, but Earl says this could make Dodge's life better, and all of their lives easier. She tells him to leave it alone, and kicks him out.

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