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When they get back to the hotel, Randy can't get the smell of Burnt Chubby out of his nose. Their room is padlocked shut, so Catalina explains that Little Chubby bought the motel, so they don't live here anymore. Earl says snarkily into the surveillance camera, "Ooh, I'm impressed! You bought the motel!" Then Earl notices the name's been changed to "Earl's a Homo Inn," which he says doesn't bother him. Earl goes to the ATM to get money to find a place to stay and buy some alcohol to help them solve this mess. But it's Bank of Chubby, so Earl gets a receipt that says "Screw You." Earl says into that camera that he gets that Little Chubby owns the whole town and everyone, and that Little Chubby wins. Earl and Randy sit on a bench, and Randy says the ATM machine is really a jerk.

Earl says he was out of moves, and Little Chubby won, but Darnell shows up to say Little Chubby didn't win this time. Because remember way back when Earl was telling Joy to tell Little Chubby? Apparently, Darnell listened, even though she didn't. Darnell thought Dodge deserved to know, and that the money could help them afford things. Luckily, having been in the CIA, the circus and the plumbers union, Darnell could accomplish what Earl couldn't. A black hand comes up through the toilet when Little Chubby is sitting on it (how many ways could that have gone wrong?), and plucks a hair off his butt. [Or, more likely, his bullsack. - Zach] Little Chubby says "Ow!" wonders briefly what it was, but then decides it was probably nothing. Hee. Darnell tells Randy and Earl this was a walk in the park compared to when he had to do the same thing to Castro. Earl thanks Crab Man and hugs him. Then he goes back to the ATM and tells Little Chubby he won, because he's got his hair. Little Chubby, watching the surveillance footage, looks down between his legs and says, "Bastard pulled a Castro on me."

Earl steals a sample of Dodge's DNA while Darnell distracts Joy with sex on the couch (Earl wasn't happy to see Darnell using his moves). Earl grabs all four toothbrushes, since they all look the same. He also stole some antibacterial cream, since Randy has something on his back that he can't see. Earl takes the DNA samples to Camden County labs and the results eventually came in the mail. The results were not what Earl expected, so he goes back to Joy and tells her she lied to him again. She says she told him to stay out of this. Then she looks at the results and asks how he got Little Chubby's DNA. Darnell says that's not important. Earl says what matters is that Little Chubby isn't Dodge's father, since it says it doesn't match. She says it's impossible, since she remembers everything that happened that night.

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