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We flash back to the Halloween party where she says it all happened. Joy's dressed up as Monica Lewinski, complete with semen stain on her blue dress. Little Chubby, in a skeleton costume, asks if she'd like to bone. She says she likes a little more meat on hers. But the pickings got slimmer and slimmer through the night (a man in a girl cat costume, drunk and half-naked TV's Tim Stack) so when the skeleton costume came back (this time with a mask on), she's all "Let's do this," and they leave. In the present, Earl asks if that was the Halloween party where Fat Steve dressed up like the Kool-Aid guy and broke his nose trying to run through the wall. Yeah, so? Earl wore a skeleton costume to that party! Joy looks like she's going to be sick. She asks if Earl did her, and he says if anything, it was the other way around, because he was drunk and doesn't remember anything after Fat Steve broke his nose. Earl says he's Dodge's father, and Joy says that explains why his mustache is already coming in. [I would brag that I actually wondered about Earl when they mentioned Dodge Jr.'s mustache the first time, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one. - Z] Darnell grabs the DNA results and says there's another problem. Earl asks what, and Darnell says three of the DNA's match, which means it's Joy and the boys, but the fourth one -- which would be his -- doesn't match any of those. Joy asks what that means, and Darnell says it means he's not Earl Jr.'s father. Joy tells everybody to just calm down. "To be continued." And it's over for the season, and maybe forever. And a half-moustached Jason Lee is this week's friend of Greg. He must shave it off between seasons. Let's hope we get another one, because I want to know if it was just a toothbrush mix-up or if there Earl Jr. is really not Darnell's. Why does Joy have to be such a total slut anyway? I mean, other than that it's funny, obviously.

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