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It’s Earl and Joy’s World; Darnell’s Just Living In It

Randy's guilt drove him to leave a note on their anniversary telling them that he's sorry for eating their cake and so he's going to kill himself (the obvious solution to being sorry for something: suicide). He says he'll be at the Crab Shack at 3, and will probably shoot himself in the face. They walk into the Crab Shack, and a bunch of people yell "Surprise!" Joy asks if Randy did all of this, and Randy credits Earl. He says Earl's been a jerk because he's been planning this for weeks. Joy asks if that's true and Earl high-pitches (nice continuity), "Yeah, I did this. Me." Joy's glad he did this. She needs a lift, and was hoping she'd get it from Randy killing himself, but this is even better. Joy walks off and Earl thanks Randy. Randy says he felt bad, because he wants their marriage to end because they hate each other, not because of Randy.

Joy's at the juke box and then walking around the Crab Shack, as every guy she runs into propositions her for sex (all of them in a familiar way, as if they've done this before). She suddenly realizes she's had sex with every guy here. Oh, NBC, Family Hour is so enjoyable. Joy walks up to Earl and asks who was invited to the party. He says Randy was in charge of the guest list, and Randy says he invited people he and Earl know, plus people from Joy's address book, which he thinks says "Guys I Foned." Turns out it actually says "Guys I Boned." Stay classy, Joy! Joy blames Earl for this, and he says he had nothing to do with this stupid party. Now she's mad he didn't throw the party, and he asks her which thing she's less mad about. He says he knows he's a terrible husband, but what kind of wife has an address book of guys she's boned. She says the kind who likes to keep her options open. He challenges her to find someone better than him, reminding her that this is Camden, and he owns his own car, almost graduated high school and has a huge collection of cassette tapes. So good luck to Joy. She storms off.

Elsewhere in Camden (still in the flashback), Darnell's walking Mr. Turtle on a leash outside. Darnell's swarmed by bees and is forced inside a phone booth. He invites Catalina in with him when the bees swarm her, too. She walks inside and says she just got to this country and is already invited into someone's home. She assumes Darnell must be rich because he has a phone. Oh, what a completely unfunny "Mexico is filled with poor, ignorant people" joke.

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