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It’s Earl and Joy’s World; Darnell’s Just Living In It

In the phone booth, Catalina's telling Darnell about her job at Club Chubby. She's worked there a couple weeks but doesn't have a signature move yet. One girl slaps her ass with a ruler, and another puts gum in her hair. Darnell suggests jumping, and she tries it. He says it'll work, and Catalina's signature move is born. Just then Patty the Daytime Hooker comes into the phone booth. She says bees just swarmed her and her john, but she didn't have time to untie him. Hey, look! Someone less classy then Joy. She does at least hope he's okay. Darnell calls 911, as Patty tells Catalina she better not be a hooker, because Patty can't compete with that. Her john goes by right then, being chased by bees. Patty's glad to see he's free.

In the Crab Shack, Earl's telling Randy how much better Blake's always been than him, at everything from modeling to staying cavity-free. Randy feels bad he didn't even get a chance to show the anniversary video he made. Earl asks if Randy made a video about his and Joy's "love and crap like that." Randy did. He hid a camera around the trailer and then had the video made. Randy announces the video's called "Earl and Joy. High dot, low dot. A Love Story." Or "Earl and Joy: A Love Story." The video is exactly what you'd expect: Earl doing mean things like farting in bed and covering Joy's head with the sheets, dropping his food on theh floor and swapping it for hers when she goes to get them both beers, or him yelling at her until she hits him with a frozen turkey. But it's all set to Peter Cetera's "You're the Inspiration". Even Earl, who was too dumb to realize the video would turn out like this, realizes this is bad and turns it off, saying it's the blooper reel. Joy's pissed, so Blake says Earl can crash at his place for awhile, but he won't be there, because "even though we're four months from Christmas, I'm gonna be busy spreading Joy." Another nice tidbit for families to enjoy. And it's even holiday-themed. Earl's pissed and runs at Blake.

Just then Patty's finding out where Catalina's from. She did her Peace Corps year (hookers have a Peace Corps year?) down there. In La Paz, near the river of blood. Wherever that is. Just then, Kenny comes in to get out of the swarm. He says the bees are such bitches. And Encyclopedia Darnell says that's actually true, since most of them are women. The men are back at the hive, since their only job is to have sex with the queen. A still-closeted Kenny thinks this would be the worst job ever. Catalina tells Patty that if they're the last four people on the planet, she calls the black guy.

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My Name Is Earl




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