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It’s Earl and Joy’s World; Darnell’s Just Living In It

In the Crab Shack, Blake's banging Earl's head on the bar. Joy asks him to stop, because he'll break the bar. Earl tries to explain how strong his head is and attempts to break a bottle on it, but it doesn't break and only gives him a sore head. Joy asks Blake to go get him cigarettes from the vending machine (hey! I remember those, but I don't think they were still around in the late '90s, were they?). Blake goes, but he shows off his flexed muscles first. It's not that impressive, I assure you. Even Joy rolls her eyes. Earl flexes his muscles, too, but accidentally squeezes out a toot. Nice. When Blake's gone, Joy tells Earl that being jealous just because it's Blake isn't jealousy about Joy. It has nothing to do with her. She said that he should be jealous of everyone else. That being jealous and throwing a party are things that show he cares. He doesn't do anything like that. He thinks pretending to do those things should count. She asks who they're kidding, since they both saw the video: This isn't a marriage. She tricked him into marrying her, he didn't love her then, and she doesn't think he ever will. She's sorry, but thinks it's time to end this. He looks thoughtful, and his voiceover says that in a whole year he'd never stopped to think about whether he cared about his wife.

Everyone's still in the phone booth, hiding from all of these bees. They all think they'll die. Kenny's worried about his library books; he doesn't want that in his obituary. Catalina can't believe she'll die a virgin. Darnell thinks he can help. Catalina was saving herself for marriage. Patty wishes she'd once in her life had sex for free. Darnell thinks that's interesting, because he's always wanted to try a threesome. How convenient! And what family-friendly fare! Kenny's never kissed a man, and he wants to, bad. Apparently, Darnell has to be with everyone.

Earl asks Randy what kind of man doesn't care about his wife, and Randy takes it as a literal question, responding "A man in a coma. Or a man who got married over the Internet and he hasn't met his wife yet, because she's being shipped here on a boat." Earl says he's never cared about anyone but Randy, and he didn't really have a choice since Randy's his brother. He thinks he might be a lazy jerk who will never care about anyone else. Just then a bee buzzes by. Crazy Donnie pulls out a gun to shoot it. Everything goes into slow motion. Blake pushes Joy down and runs for cover in his tent. Earl watches as the bee flies toward Joy. He jumps across the room and kills it with his corndog stick, which is apparently sharp because it sticks in the ground like a knife, skewering the bee. He asks Joy if she's okay, and she says she is. He says that moment didn't turn him into a perfect husband, but that was the day he finally realized he cared about someone else. And Joy knew it too. And they kiss. Blake zips up his tent, depressed.

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My Name Is Earl




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